The 6 Wonderful Waterfalls in Goa to Visit

Have you ever noticed how gorgeous the waterfalls are? Probably you used to watch them on television, but in fact, you didn’t, right? Watching the waterfalls is one of the best things to do in Goa as it’s very well-known that India has the most famed waterfalls which are located in the tourist city of Goa.

If you want to find calm and enjoy some quality time in nature, then you might consider visiting the waterfalls in Goa, where you can witness a waterfall from a rock face into a pool or turbulent river underneath.

Best Waterfalls in Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa

It’s not surprising at all that the stunning natural view of Dudhsagar Waterfall is what would entice you most to visit this place and enjoy its fantastic nature. These waterfalls are regarded as one of the best waterfalls in Goa and natural tourist attractions whose beauty you should enjoy. This waterfall is notable for its flow into the Arabian Sea.

Guests would have enough activities to do throughout their tour of the waterfalls like wandering in the surrounding forests and exploring nature closely. You’re hungry, right? You don’t have to worry about that as there are restaurants around where you can enjoy your food. .. Read more

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Harvalem Waterfalls Goa

Are you excited now to know more about one of Goa waterfalls? Harvalem Waterfalls is a masterpiece! This waterfall pours into the Arabian Sea! Get your legs ready to have a long walk around the woods!

What you will love is that there are some restaurants and cafes that prepare delicious dishes that you should taste. After all these advantages, Harvalem Waterfalls is the most recommended waterfall in Goa. .. Read more

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Kesarval Waterfall Goa

Kesarval Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Goa that you will repeat visiting so many times! This seasonal water will allow you to travel mentally to a better state of brain! Once you arrive there, you can have a walk around the surrounding woods, and this will motivate you to join more activities! Once you visit it, you will understand that Kesarval Waterfall is the most wonderful waterfall in Goa. .. Read more

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Bamanbudo Waterfall Goa

It comes as no surprise that the spectacular natural landscape of Bamanbudo Waterfall is what will encourage you most to discover this spot and enjoy its beautiful nature. You should take in the natural beauty of these seasonal waterfalls, which are regarded as one of the greatest waterfalls in Goa. 

People would have enough to do during their visit to the waterfalls including walking around in the trees and closely observing wildlife. .. Read more

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Neturlem Waterfall Goa

Are you ready now to learn more about one of the waterfalls in Goa? Neturlem Waterfall is a masterwork! Prepare your legs to have a long walk around the forests!

After all these features, Neturlem Waterfall is the most wonderful waterfall in Goa. .. Read more

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Satrem Waterfall Goa

Satrem Waterfall is one of Goa waterfalls that you will keep going to it several times! Indeed, it empties into the Arabian Sea. Once you reach there, you can walk around the surrounding forests, and this will support you to participate in more activities! Once you go to it, you will realize that Satrem Waterfall is the greatest waterfall in Goa. .. Read more

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