The Most 4 Wonderful Waterfalls in Bursa to Visit

One of the best things to do in Bursa is to watch waterfalls that have their own allure to impress you and let you see spectacular views amidst nature with pleasant vibes and tranquillity. The nature of Turkey is attractive and fascinating, particularly its waterfalls, which are the most well-known waterfalls and are located in Bursa.

We, at Urtips, strongly suggest that you consider visiting the waterfalls in Bursa and spending quality moments with your beloved ones. You can even go on walks there and watch the charm of nature up close, as well as shoot some awesome pictures for happy memories.

Best Waterfalls in Bursa

Saitabat Waterfall Bursa

To know: There are numerous reasons that make tourists consider visiting or touring to see the enchanting natural view of Saitabat Waterfall and seen as one of the best waterfalls in Bursa and one of the natural wonders of the world.

To do: Surely, there are some restaurants and cafes to buy what you want when you are hungry! Simply, you can get yourself ready for camping activities with your people!

Don’t miss: Visitors will get their chance of trying another activity which will be so exciting such as horseback riding. Don’t miss out on any experiences the location has to give – you won’t regret it! .. Read more

Saitabat Waterfall Bursa - waterfalls in Bursa
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Suuctu Waterfall Bursa

To know: You should not lose the scope of going to the Bursa waterfalls! Suuctu Waterfall is a very highly suggested waterfall in Bursa which reaches 36 M high!

To do: The great news is that you will have an endless list of activities to do at the waterfall, from hiking around the trees to going up close. Also, there are a lot of cafes where you can stop and take a rest to drink or eat something. On top of that, you might enjoy a lovely camping experience in nature so put on your tent to enjoy the moment .. Read more

Suuctu Waterfall Bursa - waterfalls in Bursa
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Kureklidere Waterfall Bursa

To know: It comes as no surprise that the fabulous natural landscape of Kureklidere Waterfall is what would attract you most to explore this spot and enjoy its wonderful nature with the height of 82 M. You should take in the natural beauty of these waterfalls, which are regarded as one of the best the waterfalls in Bursagreatest waterfalls.

To do: Visitors would have so many activities to do during their journey to the waterfalls including walking around in the surrounding forests and exploring nature closely. Having a BBQ while exploring the waterfalls sounds like an excellent idea. If you have everything you need, then you could have your barbecue with friends or family and you may also put your tent there and enjoy camping .. Read more

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Oilat Waterfall Bursa

To know: Oilat Waterfall is one of Bursa waterfalls that you will keep visiting several times! This seasonal water will let you travel mentally to a better state of brain! Once you go to it, you will realize that Oilat Waterfall is the most marvelous waterfall in Bursa.

To do: The best part is that there are a lot of things to do at the waterfall, from roaming around the woods to getting up close. Additionally, You have a lot of restaurants and cafes in which you can seat and have a moment to drink or have some snacks. In addition to that, you can make a BBQ and have fun with your friends and beloved ones and you may enjoy a great camping experience in nature so put on your tent to enjoy the moment .. Read more

best waterfalls in Bursa
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What are the best waterfalls in Bursa?

In this article, you will find a number of charming waterfalls, with information on the activities available in each of them.

Where are Bursa waterfalls located?

There is a detailed report for each of the waterfalls mentioned in this guide, including information on the location of the waterfall on the map.

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