Best 13 Things to See and Do in Trabzon Museum

The first place that comes to our mind when we mention the best things to do in Trabzon is going to the Trabzon Museum. It was opened in 2001 and is considered one of the best museums in Trabzon. The museum has rich collections of unique exhibits that tell the history of the city.

Going to this museum will bring you the chance to enjoy the amazing heritage which is shown by exhibits in the unique museum, and visiting this place is considered one of the best cheap things to do in Trabzon .

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The most suggested activities to do at Trabzon Museum

Begin your journey at Trabzon Museum by walking around its many interesting sections where you’ll have the opportunity to explore plenty of valuable historical exhibitions through one of the guided tours where you’ll be accompanied by a number of knowledgeable tour guides that will present you with all of the information you need about the various exhibits.

As you walk around the museum, you can take photos of whatever you love and sculpt this learning journey to last eternally making it just entertaining.

At the museum, you will find significant exhibits going back to diversified eras of history. In fact, there are some antique remarkable masterpieces from the late medievals behind which there are many tales to be told. And to go in line with the real world, some appealing contemporary-history exhibits are distributed at the museum.

Trabzon Museum
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Civilizations like Persian civilization, Byzantine civilization, Roman civilization, and Greek civilization can be also reflected at the museum, along with some exhibits belonging to them and this absolutely makes it extremely unique and remarkable.

Next, proceed with your journey to the next section of the museum that’s dedicated to the Ottoman era where you’ll have the opportunity to see plenty of rare antiques that belong to the Ottoman Empire and demonstrate its illustrious history as well as its great heritage.

Trabzon Museum
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There is no contradiction that religion is one of the most important elements that has regulated the way of people’s lives throughout history, and in this corner, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a collection of religious artifacts from the Christian religion.

Trabzon Museum draws an audience of guests who are interested in Islamic civilization. Thanks to this following area it’s dedicated to showcasing numerous wonderful artifacts about the Islamic religion.

Let’s now move to a braver section of the museum. Without a shadow of a doubt, each country has gone through a war, and needless to say, ways of resisting these wars differ from one country to another. Therefore, military-related corners are designed in the museum through which you can get to know the war history of distinct countries through the available exhibitions which are of great value in symbolizing dependence and resistance.

Move on with your visit to Trabzon Museum by checking out this next area that’s guaranteed to captivate your focus and grant you the chance to admire an impressive collection of artistic artifacts like Islamic art, ancient architecture, folk art, art artifacts, and paint art.

Trabzon Museum
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If you go to the museum, we recommend you make the most of your experience by touring the section that will permit you to learn more about the history of the country. There are a variety of valuable exhibits to watch and marvel at.

Then, You will get to learn about the local history and some of the daily life specifics of the ancient citizens through a unique section at the Trabzon Museum that displays rare pieces such as house stuff, old furniture, jewelry, old agricultural tools, and traditional wear.

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Are you a handicraft-related work lover? In this museum, there is a kind of show to some exhibits including bronze utensils, ceramic artifacts, metal crafts, old carpets, clay pots, and glass crafts all reflecting the old residents’ lifestyle from a different point of view. Consequently, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to thoroughly understand the local culture of those residents.

Then, it is better to go to a section at Trabzon Museum where you can see different exceptional exhibits that hardly can be found in any other destinations like the Hermes Statue.

Trabzon Museum
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And it goes without saying that Trabzon Museum contains all the important services and facilities that travelers need such as public toilets and parking.

Trabzon Museum Entry Fee

For adults 8 TRY
Prices last updated: Wed May 05, 2021

Opening hours

Every day: 09:30 – 18:00

Attractions near Trabzon Museum

When you finish your trip at the museum, you might want to pass through some charming nearby attractions in Trabzon like Zagnos Valley Park Trabzon that’s 1.14 KM away, and Trabzon Castle, that’s 1.23 KM away.

Hotels near Trabzon Museum

Zorlu Grand Hotel Trabzon is one of the top Trabzon hotels which is 1.14 KM away and one of the most excellent 5-star hotels in Trabzon that offers a high quality of services and facilities to go along with an ideal spot.

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