Best 12 Things to See in The Tower of London

The first thing that comes to mind when we speak about the best things to do in London is to visit the Tower of London, which was founded in 1066 and attracts a huge audience of travelers all year long due to its renowned reputation as one of the most famous landmarks in London , where you’ll have a golden opportunity to explore its brilliant architecture and get to know more about the distinguished history of the city through visiting. The castle has a remarkable view overlooking the Thames River.

This castle is an ideal place for all age categories where you’ll be able to spend a delightful and educational time in an experience that will seem as if you’re stepping into a location from a time long past making it one of the most prominent attractions in London . When you visit this place you can discover its high walls.

And moreover, we would like to tell you that this castle was built under the orders of William the Conqueror and the reason for its construction was to be the first line of defense for the city.

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The best activities to do in the Tower of London

The road to this castle is such an amusing experience that will lead you on a charming journey on a boat that will allow you the possibility to appreciate the beautiful views of the blue waters on your way to reach it.

And on your way to reach this charming castle, you’ll first get to enjoy a stroll on the remarkable bridge which connects the castle to the mainland which adds such an exclusive charm to the place.

Begin your trip by wandering around in the courtyard to explore the numerous fascinating pathways of the castle that will absolutely amaze you, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy seeing its brilliant architecture that belongs to a time long gone.

And in addition to that, you’ll also have the possibility to take part in one of the guided tours where you’ll be accompanied by a number of knowledgeable tour guides that will provide you with plenty of useful information about each part and alternatively, you can also find a variety of audio guides which are available in multiple languages.

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Touring the Tower of London is such an amazing experience that you’ll remember for a long time because of the enchanting views that it has thanks to its great location overseeing the Thames River, and besides that, you’ll also have the possibility to spend a soothing time in the cafe available that offers refreshing drinks as well as nice scenes.

The Tower of London is one of the places where the king of the country and his family live, so you can roam between its beautiful halls, including the king and the royal family’s chambers, the rooms where servants used to stay, the castle’s kitchen and the reception hall.

Next, we highly recommend you to swing by the part of the castle where you’ll have a great opportunity to enjoy seeing a variety of interesting inscriptions and decorations from numerous time periods and cultures, so prepare yourself to discover all kinds of elegant wall inscriptions and middle ages century inscriptions.

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Following that, you’ll be able to find a wonderful museum that contains a collection of unique exhibits which are preserved for you to watch such as antiques, old coins, jewelry, and ceramic artifacts.

It seems that the Tower of London has been the scene of numerous wars because it contains a wide range of different kinds of guns, swords, daggers, Shields spear bows, and cannons.

Tower of London is also famous for possessing a rich collection of exhibitions because, on top of the ones that we already mentioned, you can also find a number of extra unique exhibits, such as The Imperial State Crown, Investiture Coronet of The Prince of Wales, St Edwards Crown, The Sovereign Sceptre of The King with Cross and The Famous sculpture of The Three lions.

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Let us now redirect your focus to one of the eeriest parts of the castle where you’ll be able to find plenty of old graves and mausoleums that will take you on such a memorable experience that’s absolutely worth trying out.

Tag along with us now to yet another area of this charming castle where you’ll be able to spend an amusing time wandering around and watching the old trench available and that’s not all because there’s also a collection of tunnels that are so interesting to go through.

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And we would also like to inform you that this castle has a wonderful park that’s ideal to spend some relaxing time in after a tiring day of walking around the different twists and turns of the Tower of London and what makes this park even more appealing is that it possesses a collection of aesthetic sculptures as well as decorative water fountains. And naturally, there are also numerous sitting places available that allow you the chance to relax and enjoy the natural scenes away from the loud city noises.

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Tower of London offers its tourists plenty of essential services and facilities that will make your visit easier and more enjoyable, such as a restaurant, library, cafe, public toilets, and a gift shop

Tower of London Castle Entry Fee

For adults 29.9 GBP
Prices last updated: Tue Jul 05, 2022, 00:00:00 GMT+0300 (GMT+03:00)
For children 14.9 GBP
Click on the link for more information

Opening hours

Every day 09:00 – 17:30

Attractions nearby the Tower of London

After you finish your journey at the Tower of London, we highly recommend you pass through some amusing nearby attractions, like London Eye Wheel 3.6 KM away, and Sea Life London Aquarium that’s 3.7 KM away.

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Double Tree by Hilton Hotel London is one of the best hotels in London that you should stay in when touring the city as it has a perfect site that’s approximate to the castle at a distance of 300 M and it’s also recognized as one of the best 4-star hotels in London.

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Tower of London location on the map

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    When was Tower of London built?
    The Tower of London was constructed in 1066.
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