Best 3 Things to Do in Ljubljana with Kids

Everyone deserves a memorable getaway, and Ljubljana in Slovenia is an impressive destination for children of all ages, with things, landscapes, and cultural experiences to appeal to every young visitor. With a great variety of options available, there’s always something unusual for your children to enjoy!

Ljubljana is full of nice landscapes, intense cultures, and adventurous activities. Check out this list of the best things to do in Ljubljana with kids so you can get the most out of your vacation.

Best things to do in Ljubljana with kids

Ljubljana Zoo

To know: If you are an animal lover, the one place you have to visit is Ljubljana Zoo, which grants a unique chance for your children to observe beautiful and remarkable animals of various species; therefore, Ljubljana Zoo has deservedly gained a good reputation as one of the best things to see in Ljubljana with kids.

To do: Later on, your children will be very glad when they find various kinds of birds, wild animals and predatory animals and enjoy watching these amazing creatures.

Don’t miss: When you resume your visit inside this exciting Ljubljana Zoo, you will find an impressive aquarium as well as another surprise, which is the possibility to watch Yellow Cheeked Gibbon and Cheetah, so your family will have a wonderful experience. Read more

things to do in Ljubljana with kids

The House of Experiments Ljubljana

To know: Going to The House of Experiments is one of the top things to do in Ljubljana with kids and will surely draw your attention, especially when you walk around its well-arranged big halls and watch a lot of terrific exhibits.

To see: We are sure that The House of Experiments will arouse your sense of wonder and curiosity through a variety of interesting science and technology exhibits and allow you to watch plenty of different sections that offer you educational information about several fields. Read more

best things to do in Ljubljana with kids

Woop Arena Ljubljana

To know: If you go to Ljubljana, you may want to check out Woop Arena that’s situated inside a mall, which welcomes a large number of visitors every year and has become one of the top things to do in Ljubljana with kids.

To do: You will be glad to know that your kids will have the chance to spend a pleasant time trying out a variety of electric games as well as various games for kids and youngsters. Read more

top things to do in Ljubljana with kids
What are the best activities in Ljubljana for kids?

This article contains a group of the funniest activities in Ljubljana for kids.

What are the funniest attractions in Ljubljana we can have with family?

Most of the activities that we recommend in this article provide plenty of options for families.

What are the funniest activities in Ljubljana for children?

In this article, you will find the most important attractions in Ljubljana that provide the funniest attractions for kids that you may not find in other places.


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