The 4 best squares in Yokohama

The squares in Yokohama constitute the essence of the city and they are literally a meeting point where several explorers get to know the inhabitants of the country. Tourism in Yokohama includes an attractive collection of various cultures. Visiting the famous squares in Yokohama is an unprecedented chance to learn about the city and its tourist sights.

The best things to do in Yokohama is to go to its squares and enjoy their beauty. In fact, we prepare a list of particular things to do/go to in order to facilitate the process of choosing what best suits you and to double the joy to the best extent possible.

famous squares in Yokohama

Yamashitacho Square Yokohama

To know: Have you arrived in Yokohama? Are you ready to find out more about its squares? We are here to mention to you that Yamashitacho Square is one of the best Yokohama squares! You will discover that history is shown in its elements and its residents. You will undoubtedly love to explore more

To do: This extraordinary square is surrounded by attractions that draw in globetrotters from all corners of the world, for instance, restaurants and this is what makes it a meeting point whether with your friends or with the people of the country!

squares in Yokohama
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Shinko Chuo Square Yokohama

To know: Playing an important role, Shinko Chuo Square is making out the city’s popularity as it is considered one of top squares in Yokohama and it is indeed the heart of it. Many visitors find it the best choice to get in touch with the people living there or to meet with their friends in the area.

To do: There are some restaurants and cafes that will let you feel involved to the place and its history. You should try their food and drinks!.. Read more

best squares in Yokohama
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Yokohama Port Square

To know: Yokohama Port Square is considered the fundamental component of the city and the main foundation of people’s culture. This is one of the top squares in Yokohama to which many visitors go and enjoy its unique activities.

To do: The existing fountains will demonstrate to you the power of art that created it! You will love to sit beside it and stare at its glory. These fountains are a unique identity for Yokohama If you are hungry, you should not worry! There are so many recommended restaurants that you surely should experience!!

Don’t miss: You will be more satisfied during your visit to this wonderful square, especially when you explore its different attractive landmarks, which will leave you amazed by their beauty, such as Yokohama Silk Museum… Read more

ميادين يوكوهاما - top squares in Yokohama
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Sakuragi-cho Station Square Yokohama

To know: Have you ever been to Sakuragi-cho Station Square? It is considered one of the best squares in Yokohama for its elegant history and glory that you should see and enjoy. It is suggested to visit it and to look at its details that will mark a good memory in your heart!

To do: This square has many attractive tourist attractions which draw visitors from all of the world, such as restaurants and cafes and this is what makes it the best place to meet in whether with your friends or with the people of the country!.. Read more

 Yokohama squares
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What are the most important squares in Yokohama?

In this article, we will tell you about the most famous squares and arenas in the cit.

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