The 3 most famous squares in Shanghai

Have you ever been to Shanghai? Are you excited to learn more about its past? All you need to do is go to the famous squares in Shanghai! The squares are a window that will lead you to the past and show you the various eras it has gone through. You will be amazed by the honor that this city has.

One of the best things to do in Shanghai is to give yourself the chance to see the splendid beauty and participate in the given activities. In this blog, we will be talking about all the necessary information you should know to have a remarkable journey!

Famous Squares in Shanghai

People Square Shanghai

To know: Have you arrived in Shanghai? Are you excited to explore more about its squares? We are here to tell you that People Square is one of the best Shanghai squares! You will discover that history is reflected in its details and its people. You will surely like to explore more.

To do: The available fountains will show you the power of art that created it! You will admire sitting beside it and staring at its beauty. These fountains are a unique identity for Shanghai. If you are hungry, you should not worry! There are various recommended restaurants that you should definitely give a try! In fact, there are some cafes in case you need something to drink with a friend or a loved one!

Don’t miss: Additionally, the square represents some of the city’s landmarks, as it has various monuments and historical areas that deserve visiting, like Shanghai Museum, Hong Kong Shopping Center, and People’s Park… Read more

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Chen Yi Square Shanghai

To know: Chen Yi Square is known as one of the best Shanghai squares. It is one of the areas that you should go to more than once to enjoy all of its elements. There are some recommended landmarks that you should visit such as; the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel and The Bund Historical Museum.

To do: The reason we consider this square unique is the availability of the restaurants, as well as the cafes that sell different delicious meals and drinks!

Don’t miss: We highly recommend you to discover the surrounding landmarks, such as Bund Sightseeing Tunnel and The Bund Historical Museum. These remarkable places will enrich your journey to a great extent… Read more

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Suzhou Creek Square Shanghai

To know: Do you plan to visit Suzhou Creek Square? It is considered one of the most famous Shanghai squares for its extraordinary past and beauty that you should see and enjoy. It is suggested to visit it and observe its details that will leave a marvelous memory in your heart!

To do: You will be glad when you see restaurants and cafes that will let you feel connected to the area and its past. You should try their food and drinks!… Read more

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What are the most famous squares in Shanghai?

In this guide, we have collected information for you about the most famous squares and arenas in the city of Shanghai.

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