Top 7 parks in Ljubljana

Regardless of how congested your city is, these public parks are certainly needful in purifying the air we breathe. Furthermore, the parks that are available in Ljubljana provide an appropriate environment for self-recreation, having joy with family and kids, and enjoying landscapes full of greenery, which makes touring it one of the best things to do in Ljubljana .

If you intend to wander in one of the best parks in Ljubljana, proceed to read the following lines, where you will find all the information that will assist you in choosing the right place for you and your family.

Best parks in Ljubljana

Tivoli Park Ljubljana

To know: You have a great chance to go around with the family, play with your kids, and spend a fantastic day with them in Tivoli Park, one of the best Ljubljana parks. This park is a suitable place to spend weekends, enjoying the outdoor fresh air.

To do: The park is where you will be able to wander around the wide green areas and among the leafy trees with your family. One of the great advantages of Tivoli Park is the existence of many amazing water ponds and the fact that there are plenty of sitting places and unwind away from the noise of the city and improve your mental health.

top parks in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Zoo

To know: It’s strongly recommended to visit one of the nice parks in Ljubljana if you want to have a good time with your family and kids. Ljubljana Zoo contains a huge number of animals divided into several types to enjoy watching, in addition to many other superb features.

To see: The most important advantage that makes your trip more enjoyable is that Ljubljana Zoo contains various animal classifications, including birds, wild animals and predatory animals, so it will be an ideal place to learn a lot about animals.

Don’t miss: The most significant thing that makes this tourist attraction memorable is the opportunity to enjoy a superb aquarium, which supports this park’s reputation as the best destination in Ljubljana.

best parks in Ljubljana

Park Spica Ljubljana

To know: If you are a fan of strolling through parks and enjoying the fresh air, you should consider visiting Park Spica. This park is considered one of the nice parks in Ljubljana to play with your kids and get a lot of rest.

To do: Park Spica is a proper place to spend weekends or visit if you’re a tourist, as it contains enormous green areas with leafy trees. As with most parks, this one has plenty of sitting areas that allow you to forget all the stress from your daily issues.

Ljubljana parks

Smartinska Park Ljubljana

To know: Touring Smartinska Park is such an amusing experience because it is considered one of the most famous parks in Ljubljana, so visiting it is really a great chance to enjoy watching the wonderful scenes available in this place.

To do: If you are planning to visit an outdoor place that offers you the chance to enjoy a pleasurable stroll through its numerous areas, then Smartinska Park is the place where you’ll be able to find pleasant green spaces and large trees, and naturally, there are also plenty of sitting places available too.

parks in Ljubljana

Argentinski Park Ljubljana

To know: When you can’t get enough of those gardens walks and still searing for fresh air, you should consider visiting Argentinski Park. This park is considered one of the best Ljubljana parks to play with your kids and get a lot of comfort.

To do: This attractive park allows you to wander along its many paths or take a break in one of the many sitting places to have a great, calm day. This park includes enormous green areas and has many lush trees.

best parks in Ljubljana

North City Park Ljubljana

To know: It is really thrilling to think about spending a pleasant day with your family, play and laugh with your children at North City Park, one of the nice parks in Ljubljana. This park is a great place to spend holidays, enjoying the outdoor fresh air.

To do: Due to the fact that North City Park has great facilities and comforts, including too many greenish trees and enormous green spaces, you can wander while enjoying the journey with family. Also, you can relax in one of the areas intended for sitting and take in a great adventure.

top parks in Ljubljana

Tabor Park Ljubljana

To know: You will have a really unusual trip when you visit Tabor Park because it is considered one of the best Ljubljana parks, so visiting it is really a great opportunity to enjoy watching the fantastic views available in this place.

To do: As soon as you get to this nice place, you will know that it allows you to loosen up and enjoy a tranquil walk surrounded by pleasant green spaces and thick trees as well as alluring water ponds, and besides that, there are multiple sitting places.

parks in Ljubljana
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