The best 4 parks in Doha

Just imagine this, you are in Doha, maybe as a tourist or even an inhabitant, you will be sure that one of the best things to do in Doha is to enjoy the benefits given by the available public parks. Note that the city of Doha comprises many public parks of different sizes and features.

In this article, you will see sufficient information about some of the best parks in Doha.

The best parks in Doha

Old Airport Park Doha

To know: Old Airport Park is renowned for being one of the most famous parks in Doha, which offers you an ideal location to enjoy the pleasant views of nature.

To do: This magical place allows you to walk along its many paths or take a rest in one of the many seating areas to have a great, calm day. This park includes enormous green areas and has a lot of lush trees… Read more

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New Salata Park Doha

To know: New Salata Park is regarded as one of the most famous Doha parks and offers you the chance to spend a great day with your companions.

To do: New Salata Park provides you with a nice picnic around the enormous green spaces and among the lush trees with your family. One of the great features of New Salata Park is the fact that there are plenty of places to sit and unwind away from the noise of the city and improve your mental health… Read more

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Al Muntazah Park Doha

To know: Famous as one of the most famous parks in Doha, Al Muntazah Park provides you with a perfect place to appreciate the beautiful natural scenes.

To do: This wonderful outdoor place is a suitable place to spend holidays or visit if you’re a tourist, as it has vast green spaces with leafy trees and picturesque water ponds. As with most parks, this one has plenty of seating places that allow you to forget all the tension from your daily problems… Read more

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5/6 Park Doha

To know: 5/6 Park is widely known as one of the best parks in Doha and provides you with the opportunity to spend a nice time with your companions.

To do: You won’t imagine how amazing your stroll in 5/6 Park will be, whether alone or with your family, where you’ll find appealing green spaces and leafy trees in addition to multiple sitting places… Read more

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What are the most attractive Doha gardens for children?

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What are the entry prices for tourist places in Doha?

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