When looking for the best things to do in Bali, the first thing that will attract your attention is the numerous beautiful parks that are scattered around the town giving it such an exquisite allure that’s definitely worth checking out.

So in case, you’re in the mood to pick out an ideal tourism location that’s appropriate for all age groups, follow us in this article where we will introduce you to some of the best parks in Bali and present you with all of the significant details about each one in order to ease your choice.

The best parks in Bali

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park Bali

Visiting Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park that’s located near Pandawa Beach is such a great experience thanks to having an ideal location overlooking Bali Island, where you can have a stroll through its various pathways that are filled with water ponds and appealing green spaces as well as thick trees making it one of the best parks in Bali and you’ll also have the chance to chill in the available sitting places ..Read more

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Bali Safari

The Bali Safari is one of those fascinating locations that you simply have to visit especially for adventure lovers because this night safari offers you some golden chances such as trying out an exhilarating safari cart ride all around the different twists and turns of the place and where you can also enjoy watching a collection of wonderful wild animals and predators animals making this destination one of the most famous parks in Bali
which also possesses an impressive aquarium and plenty of rare animals such as White Tiger, White Rhino, and Komodo Dragon.

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Bali Zoo

In case you happen to be an animal admirer, then there is one location that you definitely must check out, it is Bali Zoo that has deservedly obtained a vast reputation for being one of the best parks in Bali thanks to providing you with the possibility to admire a variety of remarkable animals that belong to various species such as birds, predators animals and wild animals ..Read more

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Bali Botanic Garden

Make sure to stop by Bali Botanic Garden that’s arguably one of the most famous parks in Bali where you’ll have a unique chance to enjoy the beauty of nature throughout discovering remarkable plants that belong to different species that includes a variety of fascinating rare plants that will catch your curiosity and that’s not all because you can also find multiple greenhouses that are brimming with all kinds of appealing plants.. Read more

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Taman Kota Singaraja Bali

City park Singaraja is deemed as one of the most famous parks in Bali provides you with the opportunity to have a calming stroll throughout its numerous twists and turns that are filled with thick trees and captivating green spaces as well as water ponds and sitting places ..Read more

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Blooms Garden Bali

Blooms Garden is renowned for being one of the best Bali parks where you can relax and enjoy a serene stroll in the middle of attractive green spaces and leafy trees as well as captivating water ponds and besides that, there are multiple sitting places ..Read more

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The Silas Agrotourism Park Bali

The Silas Agrotourism Park is regarded as one of the best Bali parks offers you the chance to have a pleasurable walk around its various pathways that are filled with leafy trees and pleasant green spaces as well as alluring water ponds and sitting places ..Read more

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Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park is a marvelous destination that is different from any other place that you checked out before as it contains a big collection of wonderful butterflies of various kinds that you can explore with your friends and family in this terrific place which suits the preferences of all age groups making it one of the finest Bali parks.
In addition to that, you’ll also have the possibility to enjoy seeing several rare kinds of butterflies as well.

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