Top 3 Parks in Baku

The presence of public parks in any city is an essential factor in indicating the civilization progress of that city. In fact, the city of Baku greatly fulfills this goal because it comprises many splendid parks with enormous green spaces.

If you are a traveler or inhabitant looking for the best things to do in Baku , this article will provide you with the brief and significant information you need about the best parks in Baku.

The Best Parks in Baku

Seaside National Park Baku

To know: Seaside National Park is one of the most alluring attractions in the city, as it is truly one of the nice Baku parks where you can find pleasant plants of different species.

To do: In addition to the above fantastic things, you can wander through the vast green areas or among the many lush trees and play with your children. This park comprises many places for sitting and relaxing, giving you a lot of comforts, especially when you sit beside one of the many water ponds spread throughout the park and allowing you to have a lot of fun… Read more

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Highland Park Baku

To know: Highland Park Baku has a wonderful living collection of trees classified into different kinds, making it one of the most famous parks in Baku as a destination for family or educational activities. This garden captivates a large number of visitors to observe the botanical variety because it contains a large number of plants from different regions of the world.

To do: Visit Highland Park, which is one of the top nice parks in Baku, to wander in its vast green spaces and among its leafy trees with your family. One of the great advantages of Highland Park is that there are plenty of places to sit and relax away from the city’s noise and improve your mental health… Read more

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Zoo Baku

To know: Visiting Zoo Baku is a great source of amusement, allowing you to interact with various animals and gain practical information about them. Zoo Baku, one of the best parks in Baku, contains 160 types of animals, reaching up to 1,200 wild animals.

To see: As soon as you reach Zoo Baku, you will realize how remarkable the animals are, belonging to various types such as predatory animals, birds, and wild animals that you can watch and interact with… Read more

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Which park is famous in Baku?

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What is the most visited park in Baku for families?

In this report, you will learn about the most important parks in Baku for families and what each of them contains.

What are the most attractive Baku gardens for children?

In this report, we provide you with an explanation of the most important parks in Baku for kids and the activities available there.

What are the entry prices for tourist places in Baku?

This report provides details about the most important and largest parks in Baku in addition to entry prices, opening hours, and other information.

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