Best 3 parks in Addis Ababa

Because of the plethora of tourist places in the city of Addis Ababa, this city has acquired a good reputation as one of the most considerable tourist destinations in the world, essentially with the presence of many superb parks scattered throughout the city.

If you are looking for the best things to do in Addis Ababa , we recommend that you visit one of its attractive parks, which enjoy amazing views and vast green areas, to have an experience that will remain in your mind for a long time.

The best parks in Addis Ababa

Unity Park Addis Ababa

To know: It’s strongly recommended to visit one of the most famous Addis Ababa parks if you want to have a good time with your family and children. Unity Park has a lot of animals classified into many different kinds to enjoy watching, in addition to many other wonderful features.

To see: Undoubtedly, you will be glad to know that you can learn about many classifications of animals, including predatory animals, wild animals, and birds, and have a nice day with your friends .. Read more

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Friendship Park Addis Ababa

To know: Get ready for an amazing experience, which will give you and your family really unforgettable moments; it is visiting one of the most famous parks in Addis Ababa, where you can take in the picturesque scenery.

To do: Friendship Park is really a great place that presents you with the chance to have a soothing walk around its numerous twists and turns, which are filled with thick trees and pleasant green spaces as well as alluring water ponds and sitting places .. Read more

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Lion Park Addis Ababa

To know: You won’t believe it, but Lion Park Addis Ababa has such a good reputation for being one of the nicest parks in Addis Ababa that provides you with an amazing opportunity to enjoy watching a large collection of wonderful animals of various kinds.

To see: Get ready to be charmed by the abundance of species in this perfect zoo! It’s a varied collection of animals from many classifications, including various species of birds, wild animals, and predatory animals, which makes it a suitable place to watch the largest possible range of them .. Read more

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Which is the most visited park in Addis Ababa?

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What is the best park in Addis Ababa for families?

In this report, you will learn about the best parks in Addis Ababa for families and what each of them contains.

What are the most attractive Addis Ababa parks for children?

In this report, we provide you with an explanation of the most beautiful parks in Addis Ababa for children and the activities available there.

What are the entry prices for tourist places in Addis Ababa?

This report provides information about the most important and largest parks in Addis Ababa in addition to entry prices, opening hours, and other details.

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