Best 7 Museums in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is popular for its significant reputation and stature when it comes to art and culture as it is a perfect destination for visitors who are seeking to spend an informative time with their friends and loved ones. There are a collection of interesting museums that are certainly worth checking out if you are looking for the best things to do in Melbourne .

It may be complicated however to pick out the appropriate spot that will most fit your preferences with all of these numerous choices which is why this article has constituted a list that possesses the best museums in Melbourne in order to ease your decision process.

Best museums in Melbourne

The National Gallery of Victoria offers you a nice treat full of artistic vibes as it allows you the possibility to enjoy seeing a collection of art artifacts and pleasant contemporary art pieces, and besides that, you can also find multiple beautiful paintings and artworks which are created by some of the most popular painters .. Read more

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Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum is an ideal destination to visit in case you want to learn more about the natural history of the planet we live in by seeing a collection of illuminating galleries and exhibits where you’ll have the opportunity to discover plenty of skeletons of extinct animals, making this establishment one of the best Melbourne museums ..Read more

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Science Works Museum Melbourne

This guide is about the Science Works Museum which is one of the best museums in Melbourne and features a space section. Also, there is science and technology exhibits that you will enjoy discovering. If you are looking for something unique, this is surely an experience worth having! You won’t regret it! ..Read more

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Lan Potter Museum of Art Melbourne

By going to Melbourne which is one of the best museums in Melbourne, you can enjoy watching stunning Middle Ages art artifacts. Also, you will have a wonderful opportunity to explore paint art that will make your visit amusing… Read more

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Old Treasury Building Melbourne

Old Treasury Building is an iconic location for history fans that we urge you to pass through in order to discover exhibits describing the history of this country… Read more

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Heide Museum of Modern Art Melbourne

Heide Museum of Modern Art is one of the best art museums in Melbourne you’ll immensely enjoy roaming around its different corners which are full of impressive art artifacts in addition to a collection of unique contemporary art.
You’ll also have the possibility to enjoy watching appealing paintings .. Read more

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Raaf Museum Melbourne

Raaf Museum has deservedly earned a vast reputation for being one of the best museums in Melbourne that presents the history of aviation and its evolution throughout different time periods through a collection of informative exhibitions and galleries, and alongside that, you’ll also be able to discover various army aircraft as well .. Read more

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