There are certain unique cities around the globe that have particular attracting factors that invites visitors and the city of Dresden is regarded as a home to different amazing museums that can be found all over town that provides you with the opportunity to enjoy an amusing time with your friends and loved ones discovering these wonderful places that are full of educational galleries that will undoubtedly impress you.

It may be however a bit tricky to pick out the right place that will most suit your interests as there are numerous things to do in Dresden , which is why this article assembled a list including some of the best museums in Dresden where you’ll have the opportunity to discover the advantages and qualities of each one.

Best museums in Dresden

German Hygiene Museum Dresden

German Hygiene Museum is an excellent location to check out in case you want to get to know more about the natural history of the planet we live in through seeing a collection of illuminating galleries and exhibits, making this establishment one of the most attractive Dresden museums… Read more

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Old Masters Picture Gallery Dresden

Old Master Museum Dresden is one of the most wonderful Dresden museums that you’ll extremely enjoy roaming around its different twists and turns that are full of charming art artifacts.
you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy seeing appealing paintings .. Read more

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Dresden Military Museum

The present that we live in today always depends on the past efforts of our ancestors and the military has always been a huge contributor to the founding of plenty of countries which is precisely why the Dresden Museum of Military History is one of the most important Dresden museums that grants you an excellent opportunity to find out more about the military history of this country by showcasing a variety of combat equipment and exhibits from the navy force and the air force which include canons in addition to shields, spears, and bows alongside swords and daggers… Read more

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Dresden Transport Museum

And if you’re curious about transportation, you’ll be glad to know that Dresden Transport Museum is one of the most wonderful Dresden museums that we strongly urge you to check out which grants you a great opportunity to explore the evolution of transportation methods presented in such a unique fashion that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy, where you can see plenty of ground transportation tools in addition to maritime and air transportation exhibits as well… Read more

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Green Vault Museum Dresden

For fans of history, we highly recommend you to check out Green Vault Museum as it is known for being one of the top museums in Dresden where you can find exhibits that will permit you to get to know more about the significant history of the country, and in addition to that, you’ll also have a unique chance to watch plenty of exhibits that belong to the ancient history and on top of that, there’s also exhibits like handicraft works ..Read more

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Albertinum Museum Dresden

There is no denying that Dresden is honestly an excellent city that’s brimming with art and culture at every corner which is why we strongly advise you to pass through the Albertinum Museum, where you can enjoy seeing plenty of exhibits that go back to the middle ages alongside contemporary art exhibits.
you’ll also have the possibility to admire multiple charming paintings in addition to artworks made by famous painters making this establishment one of the top museums in Dresden .. Read more

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Mathematisch Physikalischer Salon Museum Dresden

Mathematisch Physikalischer Salon Museum draws a huge audience of guests all along the year as it provides you with an excellent chance to get to know the important history of the country in one of the top Dresden museums through interesting exhibits where you can multiple exhibits that belong to the ancient history and besides that, this establishment also  contains exhibits like handicraft works ..Read more

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