There are certain unique cities around the world that have specific attracting factors that draw visitors and the city of Auckland is considered a home to plenty of fascinating museums that can be found all over town. Visiting museums is one of the best things to do in Auckland because they provide you with the opportunity to enjoy an amusing day with your friends and loved ones discovering these wonderful places that are full of educational exhibitions that will definitely impress you.

Tag along with us throughout these following few next lines in order to check out our recommendations for the best museums in Auckland as we will be presenting you with all of the essential facts and information that you’ll need to make your decision which will facilitate the task of finding the most appropriate place for you to visit.

Best museums in Auckland

Auckland War Memorial Museum

For enthusiasts of history, we strongly recommend you to check out Auckland War Memorial Museum as it is recognized as one of the top museums in Auckland where you can find exhibits that will permit you to get to know more about the important history of the country in war and maritime, and in addition to that, you’ll also have a wonderful chance to watch plenty of exhibits that date back to the ancient history and middle ages, and that’s not all because there’s also a multitude of prehistoric and BC artifacts … Read more

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Motat Museum of Transport and Technology Auckland

And in case you’re curious about transportation, you’ll be glad to know that Motat Museum is one of the best museums in Auckland that we strongly urge you to visit which grants you an excellent chance to explore the development of transportation methods showcased in such a brilliant fashion that you’ll definitely adore, where you can watch numerous ground transportation tools and air transportation exhibits as well… Read more

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New Zealand Maritime Museum Auckland

The list of Auckland’s museums isn’t a short one and maybe the top one that you can check out is the New Zealand Maritime Museum which will introduce you to the naval history of New Zealand and provides you with a lot of important information and details that you didn’t know before, and on top of that, you’ll also have the possibility to find a collection of old ships and boats as well as several alluring marine antiques too and besides that, you’ll also have the chance to explore old fishing tools… Read more

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Torpedo Bay Navy Museum Auckland

Torpedo Bay Navy Museum will impress you with a collection of fascinating exhibitions that describes the naval history of New Zealand in such an amusing and informative way making this place one of the most captivating Auckland museums, and alongside that, you’ll also be able to find numerous old ships and boats in addition to multiple amazing marine antiques… Read more

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Atrium Museum Auckland

When discussing the best Auckland museums, the discussion must include Atrium Museum Auckland which has exhibits that showcase the natural history in such a delightful and unique method as you’ll have the possibility to find plenty of extinct animal skeletons…Read more

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