Best 4 Lakes in Malaysia You Should Visit

Are you wondering about spending time to have a break? One of the best things to do in Malaysia is going to the lakes. It will be a marvelous chance to take a breath, get rid of your negative thoughts, and enjoy peace! You should come with your family and loved ones to enjoy the view of the best lakes in Malaysia!

Best Lakes in Malaysia

Air Itam Dam Lake Penang

To know: It is a splendid step to book a trip to an artificial lake! We are here to highlight some spots for you to find the best lakes in Malaysia! It is time to visit Air Itam Dam Lake. You can simply go into its forest where you will be hugged by green trees everywhere! In addition, you will have fun in the mountains there. It is a perfect opportunity to have an adventure with your friends.

To do: You can go around and relax. On the benches in front of the lakes’ corniche, you can appreciate the peace and have a moment of hush or you can talk tenderly with your loved people… Read more

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Pregnant Maiden Lake Langkawi

To know: Visiting a lake is needed in the middle of your trip. The natural Pregnant Maiden Lake is one of Malaysia’s lakes that you should visit! You will have the chance to be surrounded by nature. There are some forests where you can see endless trees and appreciate their green surroundings. Also, you can look at the mountains where you can stroll and live in the moment with yourself or your family. These remarkable features make this lake one of the best lakes in Malaysia!

To do: On the waterside, you can have some cool fishing activities.

Also, what about swimming? Yes! You can swim! It is a perfect place to have a break!

Don’t miss: Get yourself ready to have a peaceful round while renting a small boat that will let you observe the real beauty of the lake!.. Read more

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Putrajaya Lake Selangor

To know: Selangor is where Putrajaya Lake is! You will love it because it is one of the artificial Malaysia lakes with a space of 6500000 M 2! In this lake, as in any other Malaysia lakes, there are various forests where you may have a walk and get involved in the surroundings. Nothing is better than experiencing an event there.

To do: In this lake, get yourself ready for some fishing. You can spend some time enjoying the moment while walking, sitting on the benches, or looking at the views in front of the lake’s corniche.

Don’t miss: At the end, there are some magical high fountains that you should see! Renting a small boat is a fabulous step you can take because it makes you discover the lake and its surroundings in a totally unique way that you will surely adore!.. Read more

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Mengkuang Dam Lake Penang

To know: It is a great decision to go to an artificial lake! We are here to help you to discover Malaysia lakes! It is time to go to Mengkuang Dam Lake, with a space of 3.9 KM 2. Additionally, you will enjoy the mountains there. It is an unrepeated chance to have a forever experience with your close ones.

At the end, you can have a calm walk on the corniche or you directly can have a seat. It is an ideal location to relax!

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