The best 3 beaches in Lucerne

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention the best things to do in Lucerne is that it contains a number of splendid beaches which present you with an excellent opportunity to spend a delightful day with your friends and loved ones surrounded by the large blue waters that you’ll absolutely adore.

The best beaches in Lucerne oversee Lake Lucerne that giving you the possibility to appreciate a mesmerizing scene that will surely amaze you making Lucerne one of the most attractive summer vacation destinations in the country.

In this article, we mention the top beaches in Lucerne to visit.

The best beaches in Lucerne

Ufschotti Beach Lucerne

When we are talking about the top Lucerne beaches, undoubtedly we must mention Ufschotti Beach which presents you with the opportunity to enjoy a swim and take a break to rest on this beach that’s popular for its mesmerizing crystal clear waters.

Additionally, you’ll also have the possibility to find multiple cafes and restaurants ..Read more

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Lucerne Lido Beach

Are you asking for a special experience? We are here to help you! You should visit Lucerne Lido Beach which is considered one of the best beaches in Lucerne. You can embrace the moment and swim in the waters of this beach that possesses crystal clear waters creating such a pleasant view.

And besides that, there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants available too ..Read more

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Seebad Lucerne Beach

There isn’t really a wrong choice to make in this city but Seebad Lucerne Beach has its own particular allure as it is regarded as the best beach in Lucerne where you can have a change of sceneries and enjoy your time swimming in mesmerizing clear waters, so this beach considers one of the best beaches in Lucerne .

And that’s not all, because there are also multiple cafes and restaurants available as well ..Read more

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