Bentota has a charming coastline that oversees Indian Ocean providing you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy a collection of amusing activities in some of the best beaches in Bentota that are renowned for being one of the most pleasant summer vacation destinations which are undoubtedly worth checking out.

While you’re roaming around this city, the best beaches in Bentota should definitely be on the head of your listof the best things to do in Bentota as it is known for being an excellent escape for tourists from the day to day routine where you’ll be able to spend an unforgettable time surrounded by the enchanting views of the blue waters.

The best beaches in Bentota

Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach is one of the best beaches in Bentota that you absolutely must check out while you’re visiting the city.

This sandy beach that’s famous for its crystal clear waters which are truly remarkable also grants you a great opportunity to take advantage of numerous fun water sports and activities as you’ll be able to enjoy a swim or try out the exciting jet ski rides or experience surfing
and in addition to that, there’s also a variety of restaurants available as well ..Read more

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Palm Beach Bentota

When we are talking about the best beaches in Bentota , surely we must mention Palm Beach which offers you the opportunity to enjoy a swim and take a break to loosen up surrounded by heaps of golden sand in this beach that’s popular for its clear waters.

Additionally, you’ll also have the possibility to find various restaurants ..Read more

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Moragalla Beach Bentota

There isn’t really a bad choice to make in this city but Moragalla Beach has its own unique charm as it is considered as one of the best Bentota beaches where you can have a change of sceneries and enjoy your time swimming in this sandy beach that possesses pleasant clear waters.

Besides that, you’ll also have a great chance to find a number of water sports and games such as surfing and that’s not all because there’s also numerous restaurants available as well ..Read more

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