Best 5 attractions in Tashkent

This is a descriptive guide to the top attractions in Tashkent that contains the best things to do in Tashkent , from exciting activities to charming views.

Top Attractions in Tashkent

Amir Temur Square Tashkent

To know: City squares are the key of how people live and deal with each other. As one of the most amazing places in Tashkent, Amir Temur Square is known for its one-of-a-kind events and activities that you should try and embrace! Be sure that it is one of the top Tashkent attractions.

To do: This square is a must-see for guests as it contains restaurants and cafes.

Don’t miss: Moreover, the square houses some of the city’s popular landmarks and monuments as well as various historical areas that are worth exploring, including the Palace of International Forums, the State Museum of the Temurids, and Kashgar Park. Read more

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Tashkent Zoo

To know: Undoubtedly, going to Tashkent Zoo will be so enjoyable if you are an animal lover. It’s one of the best Tashkent attractions and has several animals.

If you are seeking an amazing experience full of appeal and amazing memories, this location is truly worth the visit.

To see: It’s a great idea to watch predatory animals, various species of birds, and wild animals. Don’t skip the trip; it’s really great! You will find yourself amazed by all the different activities you can try out!

Don’t miss: You should enjoy watching rare animals such as the Yellow Snake and Sun Bear. To really enjoy your visit, don’t skip exploring the splendid aquarium there. Make sure you don’t miss out on any chance to discover particular experiences in this destination, ensuring you make the most of your visit!… Read more

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Tashkent City Park

To know: Don’t skip exploring Tashkent City Park – one of the best attractions of Tashkent – You will love this park if you marvel at natural views as it’s full of sceneries.

Park fanatics add this destination to their must-visit list! It’s the perfect site for all your green needs.

To do: Start walking around the place and you will find that Tashkent City Park is the most ideal spot for nature-admirers, granting many amenities such as benches and seating areas.

Nature lovers will enjoy a wonderful experience surrounded by lush greenery and plentiful trees with water ponds… Read more

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State Museum of the Temurids Tashkent

To know: We encourage you to explore State Museum of the Temurids Tashkent which has different exhibits that symbolize the previous eras. Each one has its own story and elements that you would like to learn more and feel the glory of the country that was previously lived. It is considered one of the best attractions of Tashkent.

To do: You will be happy after exploring pieces from the previous era. It is strongly advised for anyone with a deep love of history.

By going to the museum, you will be able to get to know the rich history from the ancient Middle Ages. This visit can take you through the country’s war history, and give you the opportunity to learn more about traditional clothes and handicrafts. You will acquire an understanding of this era of time that is both enlightening and delightful… Read more

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Museum of Applied Arts Tashkent

To know: The Museum of Applied Arts offers a delightful experience that radiates artistic atmospheres. It is one of the top attractions in Tashkent. Make sure to savor each moment to enjoy the details of the museum and its corners, pathways, and available activities to create a lasting memory!

To see: Once you arrive, you can enjoy viewing a collection of captivating artifacts alongside contemporary art exhibits. You’ll also have the opportunity to appreciate several beautiful paintings…. Read more

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This guide contains a list of the most important attractions in Tashkent.

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