Best 7 Attractions in Tangier

This is a detailed guide to the top attractions in Tangier that conveys the best things to do in Tangier , from delightful activities to splendid views.

Top Attractions in Tangier

Grand Socco Square Tangier

To know: Grand Socco Square plays an essential role in making out the city’s popularity as it is considered one of the best squares in Tangier and it is exactly the heart of it. Many travelers find it the most superb option to get in touch with the people who live there or to meet with their friends in the place. There is no doubt that it is one of the best Tangier attractions.

To do: This square has many gorgeous sights attracting all visitors, for example, beautiful fountains, restaurants, and cafes, which makes it a meeting point for friends or the people of the country.

Don’t miss: Moreover, the square brings some of the city’s most notable attractions, featuring monuments and historical hot locations such as Cervantes Theater, Zahia Palace, and Sidi Bou Abid Mosque. Read more

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Rmilat Park Tangier

To know: You will really enjoy discovering Rmilat Park, as it’s one of Tangier’s top attractions. If you are a nature lover, this destination will be great for you, as it is full of appealing natural views and overlooks the Al Boran Sea.
If you embrace nature and find charm in growing things, then this is a must-see spot!

To do: Undoubtedly, it will be great to begin your trip with strolling around the park. There are different things that will make your visit special, including sitting places dotted in the park. For natural views lovers, there are many trees and the spot is full of green spaces that are really attractive. Read more

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Dalia Beach Tangier

To know: It’s a great idea to spend a day in Dalia Beach as it’s really stunning and stops the routine in your life or work. You will enjoy its sandy beach and clear water. It deserves to be one of the top attractions in Tangier.

To do: It’s perfect to go to some of the restaurants and cafes there. There are many meals and drinks you will enjoy with your family or friends. Also, you need to try water sports and games as well as swimming. This venue presents various activities that it’s impossible to postpone or neglect!

Don’t miss: The chance to rent a boat and explore the beach is suggested. It’ll be an exhilarating visit that you won’t forget; you can enjoy it with your friends or even with your loved ones and you will never forget it! Read more

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Villa Harris Park Tangier

To know: Don’t skip exploring Villa Harris Park – one of the best attractions of Tangier – You will love this park if you admire natural views as it’s full of scenery.

Park fanatics add this location to their must-visit list! It’s the perfect site for all your green needs.

To do: For people who love nature, beginning the visit with wandering around Villa Harris Park will be a good idea. At Villa Harris Park, you will find various things that are famous to be in any park, such as sitting locations.

If you love natural views, you will get the possibility to enjoy your time between a lot of trees and the spot is full of green spaces that are really attractive. Read more

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Kasbah Museum Tangier

To know: Kasbah Museum is an excellent location for history enthusiasts that we urge you to check out in order to discover exhibits describing the history of this country. You will be pleased by the attractive way that the history is presented to allow people to learn more about it. Simply, it is considered one of Tangier’s top attractions.

To do: You will find ancient historic exhibits. Travelling there also will be a special choice to discover displays about war history. Additionally, you will be able to observe handicrafts. Read more

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Achakkar Beach Tangier

To know: Do you aspire to have a memorable day? We highly recommend you to head to Achakkar Beach; it’s really a nice place. People praise its sandy beach and clear water with its exciting activities. Simply, it’s one of the best attractions of Tangier.

To do: It will be a great idea to get the chance to try water sports and games as well as swimming. This place is so packed with activities that it simply cannot be put at the bottom of your list! There is definitely too much to do here.

Don’t miss: You can rent a small boat and take a journey in the beach. You’ll never forget such an amazing visit especially if you are one of those people who want to change their routine life and try something different. If fishing is something that interests you or even you want to enjoy fishing for the first time, this is the ideal destination to get started so don’t pass over or hesitate!. Read more

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Corniche of Tangier

To know: It’s a well-known fact that Corniche of Tangier is one of Tangier’s top attractions. There are charming sittings on the Strait of Gibraltar, and a multitude of activities making it an ideal place for people to see and enjoy especially those who love relaxing.

To do: Corniche of Tangier is filled with so many amazing locations with countless shops, cafes, and restaurants providing something great for tourists. So, take a stroll to enjoy all of these qualities there.

Don’t miss: Trying swimming there and enjoying a number of activities on the beach will make the most of your day. This is the right destination for those wanting to make lasting memories. Don’t miss this chance to experience an amazing visit!

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What are the most important attractions in Tangier?

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