Best 5 of Attractions in Split

For a perfect journey with stunning views, we encourage you to come to one of the top attractions in Split. There, you can enjoy a lot of activities and have beautiful moments with amazing nature views. You can consider this article a comprehensive guide that presents the best things to do in Split .

Top Attractions in Split

Diocletian’s Palace Split

To Know: It’s so important to try going to Diocletian’s Palace, which is one of Split’s top attractions, because you will find many special aspects related to those who inhabited this charming palace since its establishment until it became an archaeological landmark that attracts many travelers annually.

To Do: In this amazing palace, you will have the chance to discover its architecture. Also, you can explore inscriptions and decorations. Furthermore, remember to take a look at popular paintings and sculptures with statues.. Read more

Split Top Attractions
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Riva Corniche Split

To Know: It’s a popular fact that Riva Corniche is one of the best Split attractions. There are terrific settings on the Adriatic Sea, and a multitude of activities making it an ideal destination for people to discover and enjoy, especially those who adore relaxing.

To Do: At Riva Corniche, you can have a closer look at the remarkable environment and cafes, restaurants, and shops. So, begin your journey with a stroll in the corniche to have more information about many extra qualities.. Read more

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Bacvice Beach Split

To Know: Are you looking to find a terrific place to spend a memorable day? We strongly recommend you to check out Bacvice Beach; it’s really a charming place. People praise its beach with its motivating activities. Simply, it’s one of the best Split attractions.

To Do: You really need to try water sports and games including jet ski as well as swimming. Besides, going to some of the restaurants and cafes there will make the most of your day so don’t hesitate to enjoy your time. This spot is overflowing with activities that cannot be overlooked or late!. Read more

Best Split Attractions
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Archaeological Museum in Split

To Know: We highly recommend you to take a journey to the Archaeological Museum in Split, in Split as it has many items on display. After ending this trip, you will be holding endless stories to tell and share with others about the past of the country. Actually, it is considered one of the best attractions of Split.

To Do: The museum is filled with exhibits on the history of the country. In addition to, artifacts reaching back to the era of ancient history. You will also enjoy looking at handicrafts.

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Croatian Maritime Museum Split

To Know: The Croatian Maritime Museum will impress you with a collection of fascinating exhibitions which present the naval history of Croatia in such an amusing and informative way. There are different corners you need to watch to enjoy the details of the place, and that’s why going there is one of Split’s top attractions.

To Do: You will have access to a wide range of old ships and boats and remarkable nautical antiques. You will be enthralled by the rich set of cultural displays and artifacts that could take you back in time.. Read more

attractions in Split
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Other Attractions in Split

Park of Emanuel Vidovic Split

What are the top attractions in Split?

This article contains a list of the best attractions in Split.

What is the location of the Split Top Attractions?

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What are the top attractions in Split for families?

All the tourist attractions mentioned in this report are suitable for families.

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