Top 3 Attractions in Salzburg For Families

From hidden gems to noted attractions, Salzburg in Austria has a lot of family attractions. It is a perfect city for guests who wish to discover the overwhelming beauty and pleasures that the city presents for their families. From outer activities to fun surprises, you will have great things to do in Salzburg !

There are so many fascinating sights and activities to explore with your family in Salzburg, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria. We’ve created this list of the best Attractions in Salzburg for families so you can explore all the famous areas Salzburg has to offer.

Best Attractions in Salzburg For Families

Schlosspark von Hellbrunn Salzburg

To know: Exploring Schlosspark von Hellbrunn is such an amusing experience thanks to its excellent location overlooking Gotschenkopf Mountain, which makes visiting it one of the best Salzburg attractions for families and spending a great time with them.

To do: We strongly advise you to visit Schlosspark von Hellbrunn because it contains enormous green spaces and has many leafy trees, and many attractive water ponds, which gives you a splendid chance to wander around with the family, play with your children, and spend a quality day with them. It is also worth noting that this park comprises a lot of areas to sit and take a break… Read more

best Attractions in Salzburg for families
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Untersberg Cable Car Salzburg

To know: It’s considered a top tourist Attraction in Salzburg for families, with Untersberg Cable Car serving enchanting views of Untersberg Mountain. This will be a marvelous memory that will make you satisfied. Simply going it is one of the top Salzburg attractions for families.

To do: Enjoy the viewing platform there with wonderful views including Salzburg city. In addition, you can ride this amazing cable car and enjoy the moment with your family… Read more

Attractions in Salzburg for families
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Volks Garten Salzburg

To know: One of the most beautiful places where you can spend weekends with your family or visit if you are a tourist is the Volks Garten which overlooks Salzak River, which is one of the most famous Salzburg parks. Actually, there is no doubt that going there is one of things to do in Salzburg with family.

To do: Volks Garten is an ideal place for you and your kids because you can unwind and enjoy a serene walk among attractive green spaces and thick trees as well as captivating water ponds, besides that, there are several sitting places that allow you to enjoy relaxing time… Read more

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What are the most visited attractions in Salzburg for families?

This guide contains a group of the best things to do in Salzburg with family .

What are the best attractions in Salzburg for children?

Most of the attractions that we recommend in this guide provide plenty of options for children’s entertainment.

What are the best new attractions in Salzburg?

In the article, you will find the best new attractions in Salzburg for families, which provide the newest captivation types that you may not find in other places.

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