Best 7 attractions in Leipzig

This is a comprehensive guide to the top attractions in Leipzig that contains the best things to do in Leipzig , from memorable activities to terrific views.

Top attractions in Leipzig

Leipzig Zoo

To know: In Leipzig Zoo, you will find various animals. This destination is not only ideal for animal lovers but it’s also recognized as one of the best attractions of Leipzig.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for an unforgettable trip full of joyful memories, this location is for you.

To see: With no doubt, you will be happy to watch various species of birds, predatory animals, and wild animals. So, don’t skip this wonderful journey. From wonderful activities to wonderful sights, you won’t regret making the journey here!

Don’t miss: What do you think about checking out the zoo aquarium -which will be an entertaining experience that you will constantly remember- and seeing beautiful rare animals including Snow Leopard, Red Pandas, and Sloth Bear? It’s important to make the most of your day by touring this spot and experiencing something new – don’t miss out on a single moment! .. Read more

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Marktplatz Leipzig

To know: Marktplatz Leipzig plays a significant role in making out the city’s popularity as it is considered one of the best squares in Leipzig and it is basically the heart of it. Many guests find it the most superb option to get in touch with the people living there or to meet with their friends in the place. There is no doubt that it is one of the top attractions in Leipzig.

To do: This square has several marvelous amazing locations attracting all visitors such as restaurants, and cafes and this is what makes it the top location to meet.

Don’t miss: Additionally, Marktplatz Leipzig demonstrates some of the city’s landmarks as it has different monuments and historical areas deserving visiting such as the Yellow Korner Gallery, Forum of Contemporary History, and City ​​History Museum .. Read more

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Clara Zetkin Park Leipzig

To know: You will really enjoy going to Clara Zetkin Park, as it’s one of the best attractions in Leipzig. If you are a nature lover, this destination will be great for you, as it is full of beautiful natural views.
If you appreciate nature and find magic in growing things, then this is a must-see location!

To do: Undoubtedly, it will be good to start your trip by wandering around the park. There are various things that will make your journey special such as sitting locations dotted in the park with water ponds that will attract its lovers. For natural views lovers, there are many trees and the place is full of green spaces that are really charming .. Read more

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Botanical Garden Leipzig

To know: If you are ever in Leipzig, one of the top attractions in Leipzig you should visit is the Botanical Garden Leipzig. It’s highly suggested for those looking to enjoy appealing plants and have a wonderful time.

To do: For people who want to enjoy the opportunity of seeing perennial trees, rare plants, and greenhouses, we really suggest this garden as a terrific spot and perfect to make a memorable visit. Garden lovers must add this location to their travel bucket list! It offers a special opportunity to discover nature, learn more, and have an exciting experience .. Read more

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Museum der Bildenden Kunste Leipzig

To know: Planning to visit the Museum der Bildenden Kunste is so important. It is one of Leipzig’s top attractions. There are many marvelous details waiting for your visit, and they will surely steal your attention. After visiting the museum, you will be holding so much passion that will please your soul and heart.

To see: You can find a vast range of artwork there including Middle Ages masterpieces and contemporary pieces. Plus, you’ll be able to see some of the artworks of the most famous painters and appealing artifacts .. Read more

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Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig

To know: With no doubt Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig in Leipzig is a beautiful place to head to where you will watch amazing exhibits that tell stories about the history of the country and you will embrace the given details that mark a good memory in your mind. Therefore, it is one of the top attractions in Leipzig.

To do: The museum contains exhibits on the history of the country, In addition to, artifacts reaching back to the era of ancient history. Besides, there you will see exhibits on war history .. Read more

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Natural History Museum Leipzig

To know: You really need to travel to this museum if you love history. It’s regarded as one of the top Leipzig attractions and contains many halls with thousands of exhibits. So don’t ignore this visit .. Read more

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