Best 9 Attractions in Johannesburg

This is a descriptive guide to the best Johannesburg attractions that conveys the best things to do in Johannesburg , from entertaining activities to terrific views.

Best Johannesburg Attractions

Gold Reef City Theme Park Johannesburg

To know: Absolutely Gold Reef City Theme Park is one of South Africa’s top attractions. If you really want to spend a great experience that you will never forget, touring this place is a must, especially if you are a nature lover.

To do: You’ll have the chance to experience many exhilarating games, such as a variety of electric and water games as well as various games for kids and youngsters. If you are bored from routine trips and want a completely different experience full of wonderful moments, this place will be great.

Don’t miss: Check out more games, like Horse Carousel Game, Ferris Wheel Game and Bumper Car Game. For a really memorable experience, make sure to include more experiences in your itinerary! Read more

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Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden Johannesburg

To know: Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden is a strongly recommended experience for any guest to Johannesburg. Not only one of the top Johannesburg attractions, but you can also find lush greenery and splendid plants there.

To do: Aspiring to enjoy seeing rare plants and perennial trees, then we highly encourage you to visit the park to have a special opportunity to tour such a destination. Garden enthusiasts should make sure to include this place on their bucket list! It’s an ideal location for those seeking to uncover more and have new interesting experiences. Read more

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Johannesburg Zoo

To know: Are you an animal admirer? Johannesburg Zoo Johannesburg Zoo will attract you. It’s one of the top Johannesburg attractions and has animals.

All in all, if you are looking for a truly great experience full of delight and joy, then this destination is the one to visit.

To see: Don’t hesitate to see numerous species of birds, wild animals, and predatory animals that you will really adore it if you are a fan! There are various excellent experiences that await you there.

Don’t miss: You must be trying to watch wonderful rare animals such as the White Tiger, Burmese Python, and White Rhino. Uncover new delights in this location and make your travel more great. Don’t miss any moment of adventure! Read more

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Gandhi Square Johannesburg

To know: The city’s heart is usually seen as the cornerstone of its citizens’ lifestyle, and in this case, it’s located in Johannesburg. Gandhi Square is a heaven-visited square for locals and tourists alike. Simply, you should embrace the moment there because it is one of Johannesburg’s top attractions.

To do: This square offers many terrific attractions including cozy restaurants and cafes.

Don’t miss: Additionally, it holds several historical monuments and landmarks that deserve to be seen like the Standard Bank Gallery. Read more

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Zoo Lake Park Johannesburg

To know: It’s possible to consider Zoo Lake Park one of the best attractions of Johannesburg. What makes it different is the wonderful views that you will enjoy. If parks are your passion, then this location should be at the top of your travel list!

To do: If you have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, taking a walk through Zoo Lake Park is an excellent idea.

There are many amenities here that you would expect to see in any park; multiple seating areas, and plenty of space to explore! If you are a fan of nature, you will enjoy the numerous trees and green areas with water ponds provided in this place. Read more

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Constitution Hill Museum Johannesburg

To know: Constitution Hill Museum, in Johannesburg, is an astonishing destination for those who wish to discover the history of the country. Thus, it is one of the best Johannesburg attractions.

To do: You will pass through a variety of war exhibits and galleries. Moreover, you’ll also have the opportunity to find exhibits that belong to ancient history. Read more

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Mandela House Museum Johannesburg

To know: Mandela House Museum attracts a large number of visitors all year long as it presents you with a great chance to get to know the important history of the country in one of the best museums in Johannesburg through fascinating exhibits. Simply, going to this museum is one of Johannesburg’s top attractions.

To do: You will be able to take a journey through the country’s history. It covers war history. Read more

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Museum of Military History Johannesburg

To know: There is no doubt that Museum of Military History Johannesburg is a significant landmark, which grants you the opportunity to go on a mesmerizing journey down memory lane where you can discover the illustrious military history of this nation, making this place one of the best Johannesburg attractions for military history followers.

To do: Get ready to experience an incredible collection of exhibits from the Air Force that you won’t want to miss! You’ll get up close and personal with impressive tanks and powerful cannons. Plus, you’ll have the chance to see the unique history behind various ancient combat equipment used in battles, including shields, spears, and bows alongside swords and daggers! Trust us, you’ll be surely captivated!. Read more

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Wits Art Museum Johannesburg

To know: In case you’re in the mood to spend an enjoyable time full of art and culture, there is no better location than Wits Art Museum. It is one of Johannesburg’s top attractions. It has different attractions that you will spend your time appreciating the beautiful details of it!

To see: The museum gives you the opportunity to enjoy watching a collection of art artifacts and besides that, you can also find several wonderful paintings. Read more

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