Best 10 Attractions in Chicago

You can consider this article a comprehensive guide to the top attractions in Chicago. The best things to do in Chicago include exploring the magnificent views there and enjoying a lot of activities there. Don’t hesitate to explore this destination; it will be a unique journey.

Best attractions in Chicago

Millennium Park Chicago

To know: You will really enjoy going to Millennium Park, as it’s one of Chicago’s top attractions. If you are a nature lover, this place will be great for you, as it is full of charming natural views and overlooks Chicago City.
If you appreciate nature and find allure in growing things, then this is a must-see destination!

To do: It will be good to start your visit by wandering around the park. There are various things that will make your journey memorable such as sitting spots dotted in the park with water ponds that will attract its lovers. For nature lovers, there are many trees and the destination is full of green spaces that are really charming.

Don’t miss: During your tour in Millennium Park, your kids will also have a chance to try a lot of other things, including checking out Crown Fountain and visiting Jay Pritzker Pavilion…. Read more

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Shedd Aquarium Chicago

To know: One of the best attractions of Chicago is undoubtedly Shedd Aquarium. If you are someone who appreciates the special and curious, this spot is right for you. You absolutely don’t want to miss out on the fun!

To do: At there, you will have the opportunity to watch a vast variety of water animals on display that are collected from different seas and oceans such as sharks and sea mammals.

Those who are passionate about the seafaring life should not miss their chance to explore every aspect of this appealing location!

Don’t miss: Before leaving, watch various kinds of fish from Clownfish, Beluga Whales, and Spotted Trunk Fish. Maximize this trip by uncovering everything you can!… Read more

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Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

To know: With no doubt, going to Lincoln Park Zoo will be so enjoyable if you are an animal admirer. It’s one of the best attractions of Chicago and has 1,100 various animals.

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience full of delight and amazing memories, this spot is definitely worth the visit.

To see: In the park, you will really love to see predatory animals, wild animals, and numerous species of birds. Don’t hesitate to go there if you really adore animals and birds. Actually, this destination is filled with wonderful activities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t miss: You should be going to see beautiful rare animals such as Aardvarks, Harbor Seals and Pygmy Hippopotamuses. Make the most of your stay by discovering this spot and revealing some new experiences! Don’t let any moment slip away!… Read more

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The Art Institute Museum Chicago

To know: It’s very important to pay a visit to The Art Institute Museum in Chicago. It is one of the top attractions in Chicago. Prepare yourself to enjoy endless glory and many stories that you should know and enjoy, so you should be well-motivated for such a visit to create a memory and keep it forever!

To see: You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy seeing a number of multiple alluring paintings and art artifacts and additionally, you’ll also be able to explore art galleries that belong to the Middle Ages spanning from the 5th to the 15th century and besides that, there are also numerous artworks made by some of the most well-known painters… Read more

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Willis Tower Chicago

To know: Willis Tower is located near Lake Michigan and it is one of the highly recommended modern towers we suggest you visit. It is one of Chicago’s top attractions. This skyscraper has beautiful spaces that are observatories for tourists as they are considered essential attractions and cultural places that provide various facilities and products.

This tower is 442 m high and it is classified as the third tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. You will enjoy your time discovering its many corners and you should take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy it!

To do: Indeed, the modern tower has a hotel, stores, and offices. It is worth mentioning that you can find some restaurants and cafés to serve you to the best of their ability.

Don’t miss: There is a viewing platform that will give you different views! You will fall in love with the given details!… Read more

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Lincoln Park Chicago

To know: It’s time to travel to Lincoln Park, one of the best Chicago attractions. What will really draw you in is that there are marvelous views that you will enjoy seeing as it overlooks Lake Michigan.
Park enthusiasts should not miss out on this incredible spot! It is the perfect location to enjoy nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of plants and flowers.

To do: If you love nature, taking a stroll around Lincoln Park is a good idea. At Lincoln Park, you will find many things that are typical of any park including sitting areas with water ponds that are truly amazing.

If you love natural views, you will have the chance to enjoy your time among many trees and the destination is full of green spaces that are truly beautiful… Read more

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Grant Park Chicago

To know: You don’t need to skip visiting Grant Park- one of the best Chicago attractions – You will love this park if you marvel at natural views as it is full of landscapes. What makes it so unique is that it is situated near Lake Michigan.

Park fanatics add this destination to their must-visit list! It’s the ideal destination for all your green needs.

To do: If you have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, taking a walk through Grant Park is an excellent suggestion.

There are plenty of amenities here that you would expect to find in any park; multiple seating areas, and plenty of space to explore! If you are a fan of nature, you will enjoy the numerous trees and green areas with water ponds offered in this place… Read more

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Field Museum Chicago

To know: If you are passionate about history, then you have to pay a visit to this amazing museum. It’s one of the top Chicago attractions and displays so many noteworthy exhibits and halls. Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity!

To see: It will be so wonderful to explore various sections in Field Museum including Earth section and Botany section. Don’t forget to discover extinct animal skeletons. If you really love to know more about history, this destination will help you and give you more to learn!

Don’t miss: You should be exploring the part that holds the aquarium as it’s so remarkable and will make the most of your day. Give this place a try and discover the corners that you’ve been curious about. You won’t regret it as your visit will be an enjoyable one!… Read more

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Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

To know: A journey to Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in Chicago is an absolute must, as it presents a great experience like no other. It is one of Chicago’s top attractions. You should bring your loved ones and create a lasting memory by watching the different attractions and participating in the given activities.

To see: The museum grants you access to centuries of artwork and artifacts including modern pieces. There, you have an amazing chance to explore different forms of art in one place… Read more

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Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago

To know: Undoubtedly, it is highly recommended that you visit Lincoln Park Conservatory near Lake Michigan which is regarded as one of the best Chicago attractions. There you can find appealing plants.

To do: For a great day of watching rare plants, greenhouses, and perennial trees, touring this garden will leave you satisfied. Garden lovers should definitely add this location to their bucket list! You can discover and experience more here than anywhere else…. Read more

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North Avenue Beach Chicago

To know: One of the best attractions of Chicago is North Avenue Beach. We highly recommend you to spend a day there, and it will be a memorable one. You will see the beautiful sandy beach with clear water that many people praise and enjoy the available activities.

To do: It’s really wonderful to try water sports and games like jet skiing as well as swimming. Additionally, visiting some of the cafes there will make the most of your journey so don’t hesitate to enjoy your time. This destination is full of activities that cannot be overlooked or missed!… Read more

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Chicago History Museum

To know: We strongly encourage you to visit the Chicago History Museum, in Chicago as it has many items on display. After finishing this tour, you will have various stories to tell and share with others about the past of the country. In fact, It is considered one of the top attractions in Chicago.

To do: You will go through a number of exhibits and galleries and also, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing numerous traditional garments and handicraft works. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to find exhibits that belong to the ancient history… Read more

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Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Chicago

To know: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a must-see for history buffs – it’s one of the best Chicago attractions and houses many halls filled with different exhibits. Make sure to add it to your itinerary, as you’ll be missing out on a great experience if you skip this trip!

Don’t miss: This location will make the most of your day to see the zoo which is a well-known area in the museum. Don’t hesitate to give yourself an opportunity to explore every part of the museum and your journey will be perfect!… Read more

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