Best 3 things to do at Tineretului Park Bucharest

With its appealing natural beauty and the special fun experiences it provides, Tineretului Park Bucharest is known as one of the best parks in Bucharest and on of the best attractions in Bucharest . This park attracts a large number of tourists all year, making a visit one of the best things to do in Bucharest and one of the top free things to do in Bucharest .

A visit to Tineretului Park is ideal for who are looking for things to do in Bucharest with family or friends because it gives visitors the ability to spend an enjoyable time in a restful setting that is proper for all ages.

Tineretului Park Bucharest
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Things to do in Tineretului Park Bucharest

• Studies confirm the necessity to have a picnic in public parks because it drives a lot of health benefits, both physical and psychological. In fact, taking a break in much different seating or walking around Youths Park Bucharest provides you with the following profits:
* Health your lungs with the fresh air that comes from the trees and from the vast grass spaces
* Rest your eyes by watching sky-blue water ponds.

Tineretului Park
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• You can resume your trip to the artificial lake and enjoy its elegant appearance as a way to interact with nature. When you stroll beside the water stream, you will have an experience full of relaxation and relish, thus spending a distinguished day with your companions.

• Following that, you’ll be delighted to know that this park offers you an amazing chance to practice walking, running, and jogging in such a pleasant place on the dedicated walk paths, and in addition to that, you’ll also be able to benefit from the bike renting service.

Tineretului Park
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Opening hours

Always open

Entrance Fee

Free entry

Attractions near Tineretului Park Bucharest

Youths Park Bucharest is surrounded by some tourist destinations in Bucharest that travelers have the chance to stop by such as Children Town Amusement park Bucharest that’s 3.39 KM away, and Constitution Square Bucharest that’s 2.98 KM away.

Hotels near Youths Park Bucharest

Horoscop Hotel Bucharest is one of the best hotels in Bucharest that’s situated at a distance of 2.52 KM from the park and is renowned for its ideal site as well as presenting outstanding service and for having good reviews from tourists making it one of the major 3-star hotels in Bucharest.

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Mercure Unirii Hotel Bucharest is one of the best hotels in Bucharest that you should stay in when touring the city as it has an ideal site that’s next to the park at a distance of 2.54 KM and it’s also famous for being one of the top 4-star hotels in Bucharest that offers great services.

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