Best 3 things to do in The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka

The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka is one of the top attractions in Yokohama that has to be at the top of your plans when checking out this charming city because it’s famous for being one of the famous towers in Yokohama , where you’ll be able to spend an enjoyable day in this impressive architectural masterpiece that reaches a towering height of 212 M, so it will be one of the best romantic places in Yokohama.

This tower is also considered one of the best landmarks in Yokohama because this terrific structure provides you with a great chance to try out a collection of attractions, activities, and a lot of other things to do in Yokohama at night that are guaranteed to light up your mood.

The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka
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The best activities to do in The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka

Before going into the specific details of the tower, perhaps you’ll be curious about what can you find once you’re inside, and we’re here to tell you all about it because this tower contains various luxurious apartments as well as a collection of perfect stores where you can buy whatever you’re looking for.

And it’s also notable to mention that this tower has a fancy hotel where you’ll be able to enjoy your stay in perfect conditions as you’ll be offered various accommodations in order for you to have a pleasant time there.

The excellent viewing platform is what we highly advise you to spend extra time where visitors have a golden opportunity to spend an exciting time from a towering height to appreciate making Yokohama Kitanaka Tower one of the most alluring landmarks in Yokohama.

برج يوكوهاما كيتاناكا - The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka
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There is something that will make your trip to this tower is not really finished, so let us inform you about plenty of wonderful restaurants where you’ll be served tasty dishes additionally, there’s also a variety of charming cafes that allow you the opportunity to unwind and have fresh drinks.

Yokohama Kitanaka Tower Entry Fee

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Attractions nearby The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka

What makes the tower so good is that it’s close to some of the most charming tourist places in Yokohama that guests can stop by after spending a fun day at the tower such as Chinatown Street Yokohama that’s 1.63 KM away and Yamashita Park Yokohama that’s 1.25 KM away.

The top nearby hotels to Yokohama Kitanaka Tower

Naturally, visitors like to stay in close to the place and you’ll be delighted to know that this tower is in the middle of some of the most attractive hotels such as Royal Park Hotel Yokohama which has a review of 5 stars that’s 693 M away.

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And if you want to have a memorable trip with friends and loved ones, you’ll be glad to know the tower is in the middle of plenty of exceptional and affordable hotels that had great reviews from guests such as The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu has reviewed of 5 stars that’s 1.12 KM away.

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The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka location on the map

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    Where is The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka located?
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    What does The Tower Yokohama Kitanaka contain?
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