Best 12 things to do in Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Do you want to step out having fun in an open-air experience in a perfect park? It is time to rest in order to enjoy such a splendid day. Tbilisi Botanical Garden is just all that you need that was built in 1625. The park has marvelous areas of almost 970000 M 2 full of natural features all around it and is considered one of the best parks in Tbilisi and one of the top attractions in Tbilisi for families .

Indeed, going to this park is one of the best things to do in Tbilisi as it has a number of plant species, approximately 3800 types.

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Things to do in Tbilisi Botanical Garden

There is no doubt that strolling around Tbilisi Botanical Garden brings wonderful benefits to your body, soul, and mind, as well. There are fountains, superb trees, and water ponds.

All things put particularly for your delight and comfort for the sake of naturally renewing your mood, recharging your energy, and facilitating a nice environment in which you re-live again by immersing in nature.

Could a park in the whole world be so without roses? In the park itself, there is an entire garden of wonderful colorful roses you must see.

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

What makes National Botanical Garden Tbilisi captivating and one of the top options to do is that it has something special, something that you cannot find in other spots. The park has some rare plants.

The park has some appealing greenhouses which have different types of plants you must see. For example, there are some greenhouses of tropical plants and flowers.

It will be amazing to know that some plants don’t require a tropical environment to grow. You will get to know this when going to the corner having the plants of the hot region as you will see some of them.

You will find in National Botanical Garden Tbilisi a section that is primarily for tropical plants that need a highly-moderate environment like outdoor tropical plants and tropical fruit trees.

The variety of the marvelous things this park is distinguished by lies basically in the presence of aquatic plants that grow in water like pools and batches. 

National Botanical Garden Tbilisi

Our journey to get to know more plants in the park is just endless. This time we are mentioning the Mediterranean plants which grow in an environment that resembles the Mediterranean climate: hot in summer and rainy in winter.

The world of plants in Tbilisi Botanical Garden doesn’t end yet! There are more and more wonderful plants that we haven’t mentioned as Oak, Pine, chrysanthemums, and Begonia.

Your passion about plants is going to provoke you to go and pass by the arboretum available there. At that arboretum, you will find a collection of multiple plants including roses, ornamentals, and small tiny trees.

Moreover, Tbilisi Botanical Garden has a form of a platform that oversees Tbilisi City where you can feed your soul with this relaxing beauty. Furthermore, inside the park, you can enjoy having your drink at one of the cafes whose views are certainly superb or eating at a restaurant with a unique view along with eating your preferred meal.

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

We cannot end our journey to Tbilisi Botanical Garden without organizing some fascinating activities which entertain you to the max, like Enjoying the wonderful view of the garden from the top of the cable car station

Entry prices

For adults 4 GEL
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Opening hours

Every day 09:00 – 19:30

Attractions near Tbilisi Botanical Garden

And at the end of this wonderful visit, you will be motivated to discover some nearby attractions in Tbilisi like Freedom Square Tbilisi 1.95 KM away, and Orbeliani Square Tbilisi, 2.73 KM away.

Hotels near Tbilisi Botanical Garden

One of the most captivating hotels that we highly recommend is Hotel Flower Tbilisi, 4 stars hotel, that is 2.46 KM away from the park and its services are highly splendid.

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