Top 8 Things to Do in Taksim Square Istanbul

Do you want to visit Taksim Square Istanbul? You have chosen the perfect place! In this article, we will tell you all the wanted things you need to have a marvelous tour! One of the best things to do in Istanbul is going to Taksim Square for its bright details it has within its corners. Therefore, it is considered one of the famous squares in Istanbul that is the most visited by travelers!

And it should also be noted that the Taksim Square contains a variety of amazing branched streets that you’ll be able to discover after spending some time in the square such as Inonu, Siıraselviler, and Cumhuriyet.

Taksim Square Istanbul
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The best activities to do in Taksim Square Istanbul

What do you think about having a walk? We strongly advise you to go to the square and embrace the place alongside a variety of captivating birds in addition to that, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy watching some of the most brilliant works of architecture in the surrounding buildings and if you start to get a little tired, there’s also sitting places available.

Taksim Square in Istanbul
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And now, it’s an ideal moment to inform you about the various wonderful landmarks available that you’ll have the opportunity to visit while touring the square such as Ataturk Cultural Center, Akbank Art Library Museum, and Taksim Square Mosque.

And it seems as if Taksim Square in Istanbul possesses endless attractions and qualities that it offers for its guests and now it’s time to explore a variety of wonderful sculptures and statues such as the Republic Monument.

Taksim Square Istanbul
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After that, it will be a suggested idea to go to have shopping in the square! You will discover various shops with motivating vibes, and you will be able to fetch whatever you love in addition to that, you’ll also have the opportunity to browse through numerous awesome gift shops that have different options of gifts and souvenirs.

Taksim Square in Istanbul
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Let us now shift your attention to one of the most delightful sections of the square where you’ll have a chance to spend an amazing time watching a variety of alluring musical shows in the open in addition to that, you can also find numerous artists and painters displaying their skills in public in such a unique experience that you’ll surely adore.

Taksim Square Istanbul
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And right next to the square, you’ll also be able to find a charming park that’s brimming with leafy trees and wonderful green spaces where you’ll have the possibility to have a calming walk and appreciate the nice scenes.

Taksim Square in Istanbul
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And you won’t feel a second of boredom always something new and in this following area, you can find a wonderful concert theater that allows you the chance to see one of the many musical events that are planned all along the year.

And visiting this square also gives you the possibility to really immerse yourself into the culture and mingle with the locals in order to experience the allure of the city thanks to the various events and national celebrations that are simply amazing.


Allow us to tell you about a location that you will surely like! It is time to go to the restaurants that offer you good service and delicious dishes if you get a little hungry in addition to numerous charming cafes where you’ll have the chance to spend a delightful time with your friends.

The best attractions nearby Taksim Square Istanbul

the Taksim Square Istanbul is cornered by some of the most attractive tourist avenues in Istanbul that travelers are able to stop by after an amusing trip at the square such as Galata Tower Istanbul which is 3.41 KM away, as well as Dolmabahce Palace Istanbul , which is 1.24 KM away

Top nearby hotels to Taksim Square in Istanbul

The Marmara Taksim Hotel Istanbul is one of the top Istanbul hotels which is 112 M away and one of the best 5-star hotels in Istanbul.

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Cartoon Hotel Istanbul is one of the best Istanbul hotels which is 1.78 KM away and one of the best 5-star hotels in Istanbul.

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Taksim Square Istanbul location on the map

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    Are there any remarkable restaurants located in Taksim Square?
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