Best 8 Things to See in Strasbourg Zoological Museum

The best destination you should visit is Strasbourg Zoological Museum in case you’re seeking a location that fits all age categories as it is recognized as one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Strasbourg where you can spend a fun yet educational time in what’s regarded as one of the most esteemed cornerstones of the scientific community because it illustrates all of the numerous elements influencing nature.

Visiting the museum is one of the best things to do in Strasbourg . The museum provides you with an amazing opportunity to experience a special journey where you’ll be able to discover a rich collection of distinct exhibits that will aid you in understanding more about the natural history of the planet Earth in such an entertaining way which guarantees you an enjoyable time making this museum as one of the best museums in Strasbourg . Visiting this place is considered one of the best cheap things to do in Strasbourg

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The best activities available in the Strasbourg Zoological Museum

Walking around one of the top museums in Strasbourg is the best beginning of your journey in order to discover its various fascinating twists and turns that are filled with a number of wonderful accurate size figures of numerous animals throughout the ages and in addition to that, you’ll also have the chance to take advantage of the guided tours available where you’ll be guided by knowledgeable tour guides that will offer you a lot of details and information.

You should not miss the chance to get some souvenir photographs among the numerous wonderful exhibitions of natural history because this museum permits photography in certain places.

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Not to get lost, the Strasbourg Zoological Museum is organized by specific halls and sections. Each of those halls and sections displays distinctly related exhibits reflecting their names. For example, the museum is usually divided into different halls like Wild Animal Section, Sea Animal Section, and Bird Section.

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Do you love watching skeletons that belong to some living and extinct creatures? Then, this museum is exactly what you need. The museum displays a lot of mummified creatures like mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. and if you feel frightened of this section, you can simply skip it.

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Your journey at the Strasbourg Zoological Museum is not finished yet because you still have plenty more to see and now, we’re going to inform you about the insect’s corner where you’ll be able to find a collection of strange insect species that are definitely worth checking out.

And in case you thought that you’ve explored all of the exhibitions available then you’ll have to think twice because this museum still has plenty more to provide for its travelers as you’ll have the possibility to find an extra collection of unique exhibits such as Mummified Coelacanth Fish.

And if you’re touring with children, you’ll be glad to know that Strasbourg Zoological Museum provides tourists with plenty of fun activities that fit their specific fancies.

What makes this museum even more unique is that there’s always a new thing to do due to the fact that this museum plans plenty of permanent shows. so this place is considered one of the best attractions in Strasbourg for families which we strongly recommend you to go.

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And it goes without saying that the Museum is supplied with all the essential services and facilities that visitors need such as park, parking, and public toilets.

Strasbourg Zoological Museum France Entry Fee

For adults 3 EUR
For children 1.5 EUR
Prices last updated: 3/12/2022

Attractions near Strasbourg Zoological Museum

When you finish your trip at the museum, you might want to visit some amusing nearby attractions in Strasbourg like  Palais Rohan Strasbourg that’s 1.9 KM away and Botanical Gardens Strasbourg that’s 1.0 KM away.

The best hotels near Strasbourg Zoological Museum France

Naturally, travelers like to stay close to the Museum and you’ll be glad to know that this museum is in the middle of some of the best hotels such as Hafen 17 Hotel Strasbourg which has a review of 3 stars that’s 6.1 KM away.

Strasbourg Zoological Museum location on the map

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