Best 8 Things to Do in Sirmione Castle

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention the best things to do in Sirmione is to visit Sirmione Castle, which attracts a huge number of travelers throughout the year thanks to its renowned reputation as one of the most famous landmarks in Sirmione. Here, you’ll have a great opportunity to explore its spectacular architecture and get to know more about the city’s glorious history by touring. The castle has an enchanting view overlooking Lake Garda.

This castle is perfect for all age groups, providing a fun and educational day in an experience that will seem as if you’re walking into a location from a time long past, making it one of the best attractions in Sirmione . When you visit this place, you can discover its high walls.

Sirmione Castle - قلعة سيرموني
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It is worth noting that this castle was built to be the first line of defense for the city, by order of Della Scala.

The best activities to do in Sirmione Castle

And since this castle is located on a water surface, you’ll have a golden chance to go on an amusing boat ride and see the beautiful views of nature, making your journey even more enjoyable.

Sirmione Castle - قلعة سيرموني
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When you pass the bridge to Scaligero Castle, you will feel as if you are strolling among the ancient people who crossed this bridge throughout the ages, making your journey very fun.

When you walk around Scaligero Castle, whether you are an architect looking for innovative ideas or a fan of architecture, you can roam around the alluring courtyard and get a lot of interest and enjoyment.

One of the activities that distinguishes this castle is the presence of guided tours and audio tours that will provide you with a lot of fun during your tour inside the castle.

Sirmione Castle - قلعة سيرموني
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Visiting Sirmione Castle in Sirmione is such a special experience that you’ll remember for a long time because of the alluring views it possesses thanks to its remarkable location overlooking Lake Garda. You’ll also have the possibility to spend a relaxing time in the cafe available, which provides fresh drinks as well as charming scenes.

This castle contains a distinctive diversity of architecture and inscriptions, such as awe-inspiring wall inscriptions, remarkable inscriptions on stones, and Roman-era inscriptions, which will make your visit highly memorable.

Sirmione Castle in Sirmione - قلعة سيرموني
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Furthermore, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy watching a variety of alluring waterways.

Following that, it’s now the right time to check out the charming park available in the castle that boasts amazing sculptures.

And you’ll be glad to know that you also have the possibility to benefit from an additional number of unique activities and venues offered by the castle, such as visiting the Al Hosn Tower by climbing the wooden stairs.


Sirmione Castle provides its guests with a number of important services and facilities to make their day easier and more enjoyable, such as public toilets, a restaurant, and a café.

Scaligero Castle Entry Fee

For adults 6 EUR
Prices last updated: Mon Jul 11, 2022

Opening hours

Saturday: open 08:30 – 19:15
Sunday: open 08:30 – 13:30
Monday: close
Tuesday: open 08:30 – 19:15
Wednesday: open 08:30 – 19:15
Thursday: open 08:30 – 19:15
Friday: open 08:30 – 19:15

Attractions nearby Sirmione Castle

Sirmione Castle is surrounded by some of the most charming tourist avenues in Sirmione that tourists have the chance to pass through after a fun time at the castle, such as Grotte di Catullo Castle Sirmione, which is 1 km away.

The top nearby hotels to Sirmione Castle

Hotel Saviola Sirmione is one of the best hotels in Sirmione close to the castle, 1 km away, renowned for great services, and considered one of the top 3-star hotels in Sirmione.

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