One of the main places that come to mind when we mention the best things to do in Chiang Mai , is Siri Wattana Market which invites the attention of a large audience of tourists that allows you the chance to enjoy shopping through an immense collection of excellent shops and stores which makes this place one of the best markets in Chiang Mai.

This market has quickly gained a wide reputation for being one of the most alluring destinations for shopping in Chiang Mai where you’ll be able to spend an enjoyable day exploring its many pathways that are brimming with a variety of amazing products and items and you should also know that this market is a food market.

Siri Wattana Market
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Things to do at Siri Wattana Market Chiang Mai

• For kitchen purposes, there are some stores that sell various spice types from which you can choose what suits your recipes making them just of out this world.

Siri Wattana Market
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• A vegetable market is also available that includes all kinds of vegetables one could ever need. Besides, you can find fresh fruits in the market, likewise.

سوق سيري واتانا شنغماي - Siri Wattana Market
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Walking inside Siri Wattana Market though enjoyable is exhausting and after a few hours, you will surely feel hungry. Without a shadow of a doubt, you can choose whatever you love, have a break, and enjoy a great meal of your choice.

Opening Hours

Every day 04:30 – 21:00

Attractions near Siri Wattana Market Chiang Mai

The Siri Wattana Market is cornered by some of the most attractive tourist places in Chiang Mai that travellers are able to pass through after an amusing visit to the market such as Three Kings Monument Chiang Mai that’s 3.18 KM away.

Hotels near Thanin Market

One of the most amazing hotels near the market is Mercure Hotel Chiang Mai which is the best option to live in and it is only 1.25 m away from the market and be ensured because this hotel has received good reviews from other previous visitors, almost more than 3 stars among all hotels in Chiang Mai due to the perfect serveries it offers.

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The Isty Hotel Chiang Mai is one of the most attractive hotels in Chiang Mai, it’s only at a space of 942 m from the market and is renowned for its ideal location as well as for presenting outstanding service and for having good reviews from tourists making it one of the top 3 star hotels in Chiang Mai.

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Siri Wattana Market Chiang Mai location on the map

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