Best 5 things to do in Serdika Center Sofia

Visiting the city of Sofia in itself is a perfect journey, but it will not be complete unless you give yourself the best things to do in Sofia . It is a visit to Serdika Center Sofia , which is one of the best shopping malls in Sofia .

Because this mall provides you with a lot of wonderful things, shopping in Sofia will be more exciting when you have various great stores to discover.

سيرديكا مول صوفيا - Serdika Center Sofia
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Things to do at Serdika Center Sofia

Begin your journey in Serdika Mall by dropping by the clothing area, where visitors have the opportunity to browse through a collection of great clothing stores.

After you’ve purchased your fantastic wear, it’s time to move on to your shoe-shopping tour. Fortunately, you will see many shops where you can buy whatever you wish of footwear of several colors and qualities to suit several genders and ages. In order to complete your beloved collection, we also encourage you to visit the shops that specialize in selling bags, which are available in this mall.

سيرديكا مول صوفيا - Serdika Center Sofia
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Now, tag along with us to this following area that’s brimming with a collection of great gift shops where you can browse through plenty of gifts, souvenirs, and memorabilia that are absolutely worth checking out.

As long as you’re already in Serdika Center Sofia , why not capture the chance and do your shopping for your required food commodities in the impressive supermarket available?

The following section contains a variety of electronic stores that present you with an ideal place to do all of your electronic shopping needs.

سيرديكا مول صوفيا - Serdika Center in Sofia
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• You can find a variety of restaurants in Serdika Center Sofia , such as KFC and Burger King, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy delicious dishes.

When it comes to cafes you’ll also be able to spend a nice time enjoying drinks and beverages in the numerous cafes available such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee.

Serdika Mall Opening Hours

Every day 10:00 – 22:00

Attractions near Serdika Center in Sofia

The mall is cornered by some of the most attractive tourist places in Sofia that visitors are able to stop by after an amusing day at the mall, such as National Palace of Culture Park Sofia, which is 4.90 KM away, and Knyazheska Garden Sofia, which is 2.27 KM away.

Hotels near Serdika Center Sofia

Grand Hotel Sofia is one of the best hotels in Sofia. It’s located at a distance of 3.48 KM from the mall and is known for its excellent location, great service, and good reviews from guests, making it one of the top 5-star hotels in Sofia.

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Akord Hotel Sofia is one of the most recommended hotels in Sofia that’s near the mall. It’s located at a distance of 2.14 KM from the mall. It’s also considered one of the best 3-star hotels in Sofia.

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Serdika Center Sofia location on the map

  • 1
    Where is Serdika Center Sofia located?
    You can view the location of Serdika Center Sofia on Google Maps, in addition to a lot of information about it in this article.
  • 2
    What are the best restaurants in Serdika Center?
    Here are the best restaurants in Serdika Center: KFC and Burger King.
  • 3
    What are the opening hours for Serdika Center?
    Daily: 10:00 – 22:00

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