Among the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro , you have to pay a visit to Selaron Staircase Street that is considered an outstanding street of great importance and popularity if compared to other streets in the area.

What makes this street attractive is the multiple activities you can see while you are walking.

Actually, this street is the most famous street in Rio de Janeiro and it embraces various people, so never miss out on such a glorious chance!

شارع سلم سيلارون ريو دي جانيرو - Selaron Staircase
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Things to do in Selaron Staircase Street Rio de Janeiro

• Walking around Selaron Staircase Street in Rio de Janeiro is of special entertainment by itself and we guess it will force you to pay a visit more than one time. The street reflects so much of the country’s culture and in each corner, there is something splendid to see.

• While wandering around the street, you will be impressed by the marvelous trees on the roadsides, and the street vendors selling different supplies at very satisfying prices.

Selaron Staircase
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• There is a secret behind this street making it one of the most popular streets in Rio de Janeiro and the most important one as well. The secret basically lies in the fact that this street is historical and this means that it absolutely reflects several versions of the country’s history and culture.

• While you walk through this street, you will notice it has several things such as Cinema.

Selaron Staircase
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• If you are concerned about shopping and find the charm to go from one shopping store to another, we highly recommend you explore all the shops on Selaron Staircase Street in which you will find all that you want. 

Restaurants and Cafes

This street has some corners that offer delicious meals and drinks; therefore, you can find restaurants, and cafes.

Attractions nearby Selaron Staircase Street Rio De Janeiro

After you have done with your journey, you can extend the time of delight by visiting more tourist areas in Rio de Janeiro which are all near to the street such as Tomorrows Museum Rio De Janeiro which is 5.57 KM away, as well as C Marine Aquarium Rio De Janeiro, which is 4.49 KM away.

Hotels nearby Selaron Staircase Street in Rio de Janeiro

We strongly suggest for you Hotel Atlantico Business Rio de Janeiro as it is one of the best hotels in Rio de Janeiro. It is situated near to the street, 1.77 KM away only and this hotel specific has taken 4-star reviews from other visitors and travellers.

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Hotel OK Rio De Janeiro hotel is one of the ideal hotels in Rio de Janeiro that is close to the street, 1.78 KM away. This hotel is strongly recommended as it always takes 4-star reviews.

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