Top 3 things to do in Remel Beach Bizerte

Remel Beach Bizerte is a romantic gem that presents couples with the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Its impressive nature including captivating clear waters makes it one of the best beaches in Bizerte and a great getaway from the stresses of day-to-day life, permitting you to take some time for yourself and sharpen your focus.

With a wide range of things on offer and some wonderful things to do in Bizerte at night, this Tyrrhenian Sea sandy beach in Bizerte is one of the best things to do in Bizerte . It’s an ideal summer spot to have a good time and make lifelong memories at one of the attractions in Bizerte for families .

شاطئ الرمال بنزرت - Remel Beach Bizerte
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Best activities available in Remel Beach Bizerte

Stroll the Al Remel Beach to soak in the landscape and explore the numerous activities on offer at one of the top attractions in Bizerte. Plus, have some time to unwind at one of the seating sections there. Refresh yourself as you gaze at the views around you.

Take the time to head to Remel Beach Bizerte a sandy paradise filled with sparkling blue waters and endless horizons. It’s a terrific place to spend quality time with friends and take a cool dip in its waters if you are seeking an adventure.

And make sure to visit the area that possesses a collection of shops.

شاطئ الرمال في بنزرت - Remel Beach in Bizerte
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Al Remel Beach contains a variety of restaurants where you’ll be able to have delicious meals in addition to several cafes.

Opening Hours

Always open

Remel Beach Entry Fee

Free entry
Prices last updated: 2/8/2023

The nearby attractions of Remel Beach in Bizerte

The beach is surrounded by some of the most captivating tourist attractions in Bizerte that tourists are able to check out after a great day at the beach such as Aladdin Amusement Park Bizerte that is 7.4 KM away and Wreck of Ydra Bizerte that is 7.7 KM away.

Remel Beach Bizerte location on the map

  • 1
    Where is Remel Beach located?
    You can find the location of Remel Beach on Google Maps, in addition to the most important information about it in this report
  • 2
    Is Remel Beach entry free?
    Yes, Remel Beach is open to public
  • 3
    What are the entry fees for Remel Beach Bizerte ?
    You can find the beach admission prices and other information in this article

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