Best 3 things to do in Red Brick Market Yokohama

Shopping at Red Brick Market Yokohama is a spectacular experience because of the big range of stores and boutiques it offers. Here you will find a large range of quality products and items, making it one of the best markets in Yokohama.

Shopping lovers and bargain hunters can find a wealth of good choices at Red Brick Market. Whether you are looking for local or international brands, there are a number of stores and malls to discover that give an unforgettable shopping experience. All of these features make going there is one of the best things to do in Yokohama .

Red Brick Market Yokohama
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Things to do at Red Brick Market Yokohama

In case you looking for something unique, Red Brick Market is the place to be. It offers an incredible selection of handicrafts and art pieces. This is a good opportunity to discover some truly spectacular creations!.

One added advantage to shopping at this market is the plethora of incredible spice stores, serving a huge variety of spices for you to buy.

Don’t forget to take a tour in the local vegetable market – you’ll find all of the important ingredients for your amazing meals there! With numerous options, you can create whatever you have in mind.

Red Brick Market Yokohama
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Walking throughout the market though entertaining is tiring and after a few hours, you will undoubtedly feel starving. Surely, you can choose whatever you love, have a rest, and enjoy a tasty meal of your choice.

And if you prefer cafes over restaurants, this has also been taken into account. Besides the market, you can see several impressive cafés, where you can have your favorite drink with your accompanying friends or family.

Red Brick Market Opening Hours

Every day 11:00 – 20:00

Attractions near Red Brick Market in Yokohama

After you finish your day at the Red Brick Market, you might want to visit some beautiful nearby attractions like Chinatown Street Yokohama , that is 1.4 KM away, and Yamashita Park Yokohama that is 626 M away.

Hotels near Red Brick Market

InterContinental Hotel Yokohama Grand is one of the major hotels in Yokohama. It’s about 1.18 m from the mall and is renowned for its excellent site, good service, and good reviews from visitors, making it one of the most frequented 5-star hotels in Yokohama.

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The Bay Hotel Yokohama is one of the most wonderful hotels in Yokohama, it’s only within 926 m from the market and is famous for its ideal location as well as for presenting great service and for having high reviews from guests making it one of the best 5-star hotels in Yokohama.

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Red Brick Market Yokohama location on the map

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    Where is Red Brick Market Yokohama located?
    You can browse the location of Red Brick Market on Google Maps, in addition to the most important details about it in this article.
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    What are the opening hours for Red Brick Market?
    Daily: 11:00 – 20:00

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