Top 3 things to do in Praia Santos Canal 2 Sao Paulo

Visiting Praia Santos Canal 2 Sao Paulo is one of the best romantic things to do in Sao Paulo as it presents you with an amazing opportunity to appreciate the allure of nature and get away from the daily life pace in order to sharpen your focus.

This sandy beach is truly an excellent place to have an enjoyable day with your friends and family as it is one of the most frequented vacation destinations that attract a large number of tourists thanks to possessing a number of delightful activities which makes this beach one of the best Sao Paulo beaches .

Praia Santos Canal 2
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Best activities available in Praia Santos Canal 2 Sao Paulo

• Commence your journey at this beach by taking a stroll in order to listen to the sound of the marvelous blue waves that will purify your mind and allows you to enjoy the wonderful views around you.

• And you’ll be happy to know that there are a huge number of sitting places where you have the chance to slow down and admire the calmness of the sea away from the deafening noises of the city.

• Next, we invite you to have an amusing time swimming in such a wonderful spot that will encourage you to experience the present moment and leave behind everything else
so visiting this beach is one of the best free things to do in Sao Paulo and especially one of the best things to do in Sao Paulo at night .

Praia Santos Canal 2
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• Praia Santos Canal 2 Sao Paulo has a collection of restaurants where tourists are able to have a meal while admiring the views of the beach, and additionally, you’ll also be able to spend a great time in the cafes available.

Opening Hours

Always open

Santos Channel 2 Beach Entry Fee

Free entry

The nearby attractions of Praia Santos Canal 2 Sao Paulo

The beach is encompassed by some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Sao Paulo that tourists are able to pass through after an amusing day at the beach such as Praca das Bandeiras Park Sao Paulo that’s 3.3 KM away and Santos Touristic Tram Sao Paulo that’s 5.8 KM away.

The nearby hotels of Santos Channel 2 Beach Sao Paulo

Parque Balneario Santos Hotel Sao Paulo is one of the best hotels in Sao Paulo, it’s located at a distance of 1.03 KM from the beach and is well known for its ideal site as well as offering great service making it one of the best 5-star hotels in Sao Paulo.

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Ibis Santos Gonzaga Praia Hotel Sao Paulo is one of the top Sao Paulo hotels that’s approximate to the beach with a distance of 2.8 KM, and it should also be mentioned that this hotel is recognized as one of the top 3 star hotels in Sao Paulo and has good reviews from previous visitors.

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