Top 4 Activities at Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car Lucerne

When it comes to talking about one of the best things to do in Lucerne , visiting Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car Lucerne will be one of the best activities as it is excellent if you’re searching for a change of scenery as you’ll have an amazing chance to spend a delightful time and appreciate the alluring scenes.

This cable car will take you on a memorable journey that you’ll immensely enjoy seeing that it gained a wide reputation for being one of the most captivating tourist destinations in Lucerne due to its excellent panoramic views.
This place is considered one of the best attractions in Lucerne for families which we strongly recommend you to go.

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Best activities to do in Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car Lucerne

It is very good to have an amusing cable car ride which grants you the possibility to enjoy watching some of the most marvelous views from up high in such an alluring journey.

One of the various reasons, which makes Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car so captivating for travelers, is that it has an excellent viewing platform that offers you a remarkable panoramic view overlooking Schauensee Castle.

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As soon as you reach the peak, you’ll be in for a nice treat because you’ll be faced with a pleasant spot that’s ideal for strolling around.

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Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car is a very popular tourist attraction all over the year, but most of the tourists prefer to visit it during the winter when the slopes transform and wear an alluring shade of white marking the beginning of the ice sports period spend an enjoyable time snowboarding.


And after a while of walking around, you may want to loosen up a little which is why we advise you to drop by the number of great restaurants available.

Opening hours

Every day 08:30 – 16:00

Attractions near Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car Lucerne

Your visit doesn’t have to end here as you’ll be glad to know that this peak offers you the opportunity to check out a variety of wonderful nearby attractions such as Spreuer Bridge Lucerne that’s 3.7 KM away.

Hotels near Pilatus Bahnen Ag Cable Car

Ibis Budget Hotel Lucerne City is one of the best hotels in Lucerne that’s near the waterfall with a distance of 4.1 KM which is also famous for its amazing site as well as offering outstanding services, and it should also be pointed out that this hotel is considered as one of the best 1-star hotels in Lucerne and has good reviews from previous guests.

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