Whenever the topic of the most fun things to do in Rio de Janeiro or the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro with family arises, the conversation undoubtedly has to include Parc Magique Amusement Park Rio de Janeiro as it is deemed as one of the best amusement parks in Rio de Janeiro where you’ll be able to benefit from a variety of delightful rides and attractions that gives this place such a unique appeal.

This park is an ideal place to pass by with all members of the family as it fits the preferences of all age categories, kids and adults alike where you’ll have the possibility to spend an enjoyable day.

Parc Magique
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Things to do at Parc Magique Amusement Park Rio de Janeiro

• Once you’re inside you should take a walk around the captivating amusement park to check out different attractions and activities available then pick out the ones that fit your fancy most, so a visit to this amusement park is ideal for those who are looking for things to do in Rio de Janeiro.

Parc Magique
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• The first thing that will catch your attention in Magic Park Amusement Park Rio de Janeiro is the variety of electric games available where you’ll have the opportunity to spend an amusing time checking them out.

Parc Magique
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• Afterwards, it would also be a good idea to move on with your trip to the following area of this amusement park where you’ll be able to find a variety of entertaining kids’ games
so if you are seeking for the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro with kids, a visit to this park will make you all glad.

Parc Magique
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• The fun never stops here because there are always numerous other attractions and activities wherever you turn and now, it’s time to mention the youngster games available.

• Permit us now to divert your focus to one of the most alluring corners of the Parc Magique Amusement Park where you can find an excellent ice rink that presents guests with an amazing chance to try out ice skating in such an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for long.

• You’ll have the opportunity to find a collection of unique games in Parc Magique such as Ferris Wheel Game, Flying Dinosaurs Game, and Bumper Car Game.

Parc Magique
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Opening hours

Saturday : open 16:00 – 21:00
Sunday : open 11:00 -17:00
Monday : close
Tuesday : open 15:00 – 18:00
Wednesday : close
Thursday : open 15:00 – 18:00
Friday : close

Hotels near Parc Magique Amusement Park

Hotel Intercity Teresopolis is one of the top hotels in Rio de Janeiro, it’s located at a distance of 19.71 KM from the park and is well known for its perfect location as well as presenting an outstanding service making it one of the top 4-star hotels in Rio de Janeiro.

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