Best 11 Things To Do in Mutrah Souq Muscat

Shopping at Mutrah Souq Muscat is a spectacular experience due to the wide range of stores and boutiques it offers. Here you will find a vast range of quality products and items, making it one of the best historic markets in Muscat that was established in 1821.

Shopping lovers and bargain hunters can find a wealth of great options at Mutrah Souq . Whether you are searching for local or international brands, there are a lot of stores and malls to explore that offer an exciting shopping experience. All of these features make going there one of the best things to do in Muscat .

Mutrah Souq Muscat
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Things To Do at Mutrah Souq Muscat

The process of trying to find a good spot to head to in Muscat is not that easy. We recommend you go to Mutrah Souq Oman by walking around, as you can explore different clothing stores that grant you the possibility to check out many things, such as traditional clothes that will truly attract you with various stores for women, men, and children.

Are you searching for footwear and bags, take a walk around and see a broad range of shoes from local and foreign labels. There are lots of wonderful bag shops too, with plenty of stylish and trendy designs to choose from.

If you are a handicraft lover, then Mutrah Souq Muscat is the best option for you. The market offers you a nice experience to explore several works of handcrafts with different types which are all marvelously decorative and handmade items like copperies and pottery utensils.

Mutrah Souq Muscat
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It’s great to know that Mutrah Souq in Muscat offers one of a kind experience with its fabulous antique stores and gift shops. You can enjoy discovering myriad items in antique stores. Also, it’s a good opportunity to buy souvenirs at the gift shops to enjoy your time there. Continue your exploring this captivating region.

You’ll be able to find amazing accessories stores alongside elegant gold shops and jewelry shops.

We can say that Mutrah Souq Oman also provides a vast array of great perfume shops with great-smelling fragrances and perfumes. Alongside that, there are various cosmetic stores as well.

And if you’re visiting with children, you’ll be happy to know that this market also possesses a number of toy stores where you can get plenty of entertaining toys that your kids will absolutely love.

Mutrah Souq Muscat
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Are you looking for a totally different mobile phone or are you keen to change yours? Mutrah Souq Muscat is the best choice for such a willing. The market has many stores for phones where you can find unique types of phones from different well-known brands.

Shopping for spices is also something you can do in this market because of the number of excellent spice stores present. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the spices you find here.

Ensure that you go to the local produce store, as it will offer you all the important ingredients to cook up something tasty. The vegetables there are also of good quality.

You’ll be happy to know that this market also has plenty of great sweet shops that grant you the chance to enjoy a collection of delightful sweets and desserts.

Mutrah Souq in Muscat
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Services and Restaurants

Walking inside the market though entertaining is exhausting and after a few hours, you will absolutely feel starving. That’s why we planned to have different restaurants available in the market itself like Kurkum Restaurant. Surely, you can choose whatever you prefer, have a break, and enjoy a great meal of your choice.

Now tag along with us to the next part of the market to discover a number of cafes that offer you the opportunity to spend a delightful time with your friends and loved ones sipping your favorite drinks and among those cafes is Coffee Shop Bombay Sandwich.

Mutrah Souq Oman contains many essential services and facilities that travelers require, such as parking, a mosque, and public toilets.

Mutrah Souq Oman Opening Hours

Every day 08:00 – 22:00

Attractions near Mutrah Souq Muscat

And when you finish your trip at the Mutrah Souq , we strongly advise you to check out some charming nearby attractions like Mutrah Corniche , that’s 1.98 KM away, and Riyam Incense Burner that’s 2.01 KM away.

Hotels near Mutrah Souq Oman

Al Shorouq Hotel Muscat is one of the most captivating hotels in Muscat that you can check out when exploring the city, as it has a perfect site that’s near the mall at a distance of 5.0 m, and it’s also considered one of the finest 3-star hotels in Oman that provides outstanding service and has good reviews from previous tourists.

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Mutrah Souq Muscat location on the map

  • 1
    What are the most famous shops in Mutrah Souq ?
    Mutrah Souq is famous for containing numerous clothing stores in addition to shoe and bag shops and perfume stores as well as shops that sell Spice and vegetables
  • 2
    Where is Mutrah Souq Muscat located?
    You can browse the location of Mutrah Souq on Google Maps, in addition to the most important details about it in this report.
  • 3
    What are the opening hours for Mutrah Souq ?
    Daily : 08:00 – 22:00

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