Top 15 Things to Do in Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium will be one of the top things to do in Miami with family because it grants you a great opportunity to spend a memorable time with your friends and loved ones in such an amazing place that possesses a diverse collection of incredible aquatic creatures that are divided into different types.

One of the fun things to do in Miami is visiting this aquarium that opened in 1955 and has quickly climbed the ranks and acquired a big reputation as one of the major tourist attractions in Miami , not only because of the aquatic creatures but also for the various activities and attractions available so it is considered one of the best things to do in Miami .

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Things to do at Miami Seaquarium

At the start of your trip to Aquarium Miami, it is always a great idea to have a general look that permits you to discover the numerous species of fish available and while you’re wandering around the place, you’ll be able to enjoy watching fish from all over the globe like the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the temperate zone and the Mediterranean.

Following that, swing by the following section of the Aquarium that’s allocated to presenting one of the most fascinating aquatic life creatures where you’ll find a multitude of shark types in addition to that, this place offers you an uncommon opportunity to try out diving with sharks with the help of staff specialists in such a breathtaking experience that you won’t forget anytime soon.

And now, we invite you to have a calming stroll at your next stop in the middle of a wide collection of appealing sea turtles and enjoy watching these remarkable animals that have existed since the time of dinosaurs.

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The aquarium is also renowned for having a vast collection of aquatic animals and that doesn’t only include fish but you’ll also have the possibility to explore plenty of aquatic mammals as well such as whales.

Afterward, it’s a perfect moment to swing by the next corner of the Aquarium that’s known for being one of the most attractive things to do in Miami with kids where you’ll be able to enjoy watching a variety of cute penguins in such an appealing experience that’s definitely worth your time.

Permit us now to take you on a quick journey in order to explore the many aspects of marine life and in this aquarium, you can find a collection of marine life creatures, such as crabs, in addition to that, you’ll also have the possibility to watch marine plants and coral reefs.

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Moreover, you’ll also have a unique opportunity to enjoy seeing an extra number of other sea life creatures while you’re roaming around, where you can find species like octopuses and seahorses.

One of the numerous reasons that Miami Seaquarium invites a large number of guests is that it has an amazingly vast number of marine life animals and perhaps the most famous of them are: Killer Whale, Lion Fish, and Manatees.

Let us next shift your attention to one of the most delightful attractions that make Aquarium Miami one of the best touristic destinations for families in Miami , where you can enjoy seeing a lovely dolphin show or seals show and sea dog show and additionally, you’ll also have a unique opportunity to try out a cool experience which is swimming with dolphins.

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The creatures at the sea are not only limited to aquatic organisms only, as there is also a part involving a group of amphibious animals, that offers you a thrilling experience where you can learn about fascinating creatures like crocodiles.

Following that, we invite you to spend an amusing and informative time in the Nautical Museum where you’ll have a great chance to explore the mysteries of marine life through watching a wide collection of marine antiquities in addition to spectacular ancient wooden ships.

And for a change of scenery, this Aquarium provides you with a lovely activity where you’ll be able to gather around with your friends or other visitors and enjoy a thrilling boat ride where you’ll have the chance to see the alluring collections of fish from another perspective.

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What makes the aquarium even more attractive is that it offers you the opportunity to spend an enjoyable day due to the numerous attractions and activities available and perhaps the one that you will like the most is the great possibility to experience diving with the fish.

And right about now, you might start getting a little tired, which is why we invite you to enjoy a calming activity that will take your mind off of your daily life routine and permit you to clear your mind by watching the many collections of alluring fish being fed.

Before you finish your trip to Miami Seaquarium, make sure to take advantage of the professional photography service that permits you to get some of the most alluring photos thanks to the various remarkable views offered by a collection of spectacular aquatic animals.

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Services And Restaurants

At the end of your visit to the Aquarium, you’ll also have the opportunity to find a number of amazing restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious dish in case you begin to get a little hungry.

And it goes without saying that the aquarium possesses all the important services and facilities that visitors require such as a gift shop and parking.

Opening hours

Every day 10:00 – 17:00

Aquarium Miami Entry Fee

For adults 44 USD
For children 34 USD
Prices last updated: 2022/09/1
Click on the link for more information

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Kimpton Epic Hotel Miami is one of the best and nearest Miami hotels to the aquarium which is 5.1 KM away, and one of the most impressive 5-star hotels in Miami that presents a high quality of services and facilities to go along with a perfect site.

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Yve Hotel Miami is one of the most captivating hotels in Miami that you can stay in when exploring the city as it has a perfect site that’s close to the aquarium at a distance of 5.3 KM and it’s also considered as one of the major 3-star hotels in Miami that grants great services and has good reviews from previous guests.

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