Top 3 Things to Do in Matala Beach Crete

For a romantic getaway, Matala Beach Crete is a suitable option. Not only can you admire the terrific beauty of nature, but also unwind and refocus on your daily life with its glistening-clear waters.

Those looking for a fun day out with their friends should consider this beach by the Mediterranean Sea. Said to be one of the best beaches in Crete , it is regularly visited by people and locals alike. There are so many activities here to experience, making it an ideal summer destination and one of the best things to do in Crete with family for those hoping to have a pleasant time.

Matala Beach Crete
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Best activities available in Matala Beach Crete

Take some time to explore Matala Beach in Crete in its peaceful natural landscapes.

Going to the beach as a trip is considered beautiful. Spend an exciting time with your friends among its golden sands and watch the delightful glamour of the turquoise waters. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and have a dip in the sea!

Matala Beach in Crete
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And make sure to visit Matala the area that has a number of shops.


You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurants available at Matala Beach while appreciating the views of the beach, and that’s not all; you’ll also be able to find a number of attractive cafes.

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The nearby attractions of Matala Beach

What makes this beach so amazing is that it’s close to some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Crete that tourists can check out after spending an unforgettable time at the beach, such as Matala Caves Crete, which is 71 m away, and Kuchenuwe Terminal Beach Crete, which is 4.22 km away.

The nearby hotels of Matala Beach Crete

Hotel Fragiskos Crete is one of the top hotels in Crete, 119 m away, and one of the best 3-star hotels in Crete offering a high level of services and facilities with an ideal location.

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Matala Beach Crete location on the map

  • 1
    Where is Matala Beach located?
    You can find the location of Matala Beach in Crete on Google Maps, in addition to the most important information about it in this report
  • 2
    What are the best hotels located near Matala Beach ?
    Many hotels are located on the beach or overlook it, and in this article, we chose the best for you
  • 3
    Is Matala Beach entry free?
    Yes, Matala Beach is open to public

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