Best 6 Things to Do in Luna Park Yerevan

If you want to know the best things to do in the best attractions in Yerevan for families , and you’re trying to organize a nice trip that fits all ages and also has many things to do in Yerevan at night, then Luna Park Yerevan is the ideal place for you where you’ll be able to find a collection of delightful activities and games that you’ll have the opportunity to check out, making it one of the best amusement parks in Yerevan .

This park has rightfully gained a renowned reputation as one of the best Yerevan attractions for families, so you can visit this park if you are looking for fun things to do in Yerevan where you’ll have the possibility to spend a memorable day.

Luna Park Yerevan
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Things to do at Luna Park Yerevan

As soon as you get to this park, we invite you to take a nice stroll through its various parts where you’ll be able to see the attractions and games offered by this place in order to plan out your day and pick out the things that you prefer best, then you will be sure that visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Yerevan with children.

Luna Park Yerevan
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Luna Park Yerevan has an excellent variety of games that it offers for its tourists. There are various amusing electric games among them that are definitely worth your time.

After that, we suggest that you pass through the section of Luna Park Yerevan that’s brimming with a variety of children’s games that offer you such an alluring experience that you’ll be able to enjoy with all your family members because you’ll have the opportunity to check out plenty of entertaining games.
So if you are looking for the best things to do in Yerevan with kids , then a trip to this park will make you all happy.

Luna Park Yerevan
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Are we finished? Surely, we are not! We still have so much to share. Actually, you still have so much more to experience in this park and around the next corner. The amusement park accommodates its visitors with numerous games that are perfect for youngsters.

This park is also famous for having a wide collection of games and attractions that fits all tastes and age groups. This time we’re going to inform you about an extra thing that you’ll be able to do in the park, which is to check out a number of wonderful water games.

Luna Park in Yerevan
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You’ll have the opportunity to find a number of unique games, such as Train Ride, Carousel, and Hurricane Ride.

Opening hours

Every day: 11:00 – 23:00

Attractions near Luna Park Yerevan

This amusement park is also surrounded by some tourist attractions in Yerevan that visitors are able to check out after a delightful day at the park, such as Aratat Museum Yerevan that’s 4.64 km away.

Hotels near Luna Park

Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan is one of the best hotels in Yerevan. It’s situated at a distance of 2.97 km from the park and is well known for its excellent site as well as offering great service, making it one of the top 4-star hotels in Yerevan.

DoubleTree by Hilton Yerevan City Centre Hotel is one of the most suggested hotels in Yerevan that’s near the park with a distance of 2.88 km. It is also famous for its perfect location as well as offering great service and it should also be pointed out that this hotel is considered as one of the top 4-star hotels in Yerevan.

Luna Park Yerevan Location on the Map

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