Top 4 Things to Do in Liberty Square Budapest

Do you want to go to Liberty Square Budapest? You have picked up to the perfect location and one of the best things to do in Budapest ! In this article, we will list to you all the wanted information you need to have a remarkable trip! It is a masterpiece and one of the best squares in Budapest !

Liberty Square Budapest
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The best activities to do in Liberty Square Budapest

Begin your trip at the square by wandering around in order to discover the intricate elements of this captivating place where you can find decorative water fountains in addition to a great chance to admire the magnificent architecture of the surrounding buildings and you’ll also have the possibility to unwind in the available sitting places.

And now, it’s an ideal time to introduce you to the various captivating landmarks available that you’ll have the chance to visit while touring the square such as Exchange Palace and Adria Palace.

Moreover, while you’re strolling through this square you’ll also have a special opportunity to find a number of captivating sculptures and statues that you can enjoy seeing such as the Ronald Reagan Statue and the Soviet War Memorial.

Later on, it will be an excellent choice to drop by this next part of Liberty Square Budapest that’s allocated to a collection of shops that offers you different types of items and products

Liberty Square Budapest
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And in case you want to relax a little we strongly recommend you to check out the corner that possesses a variety of excellent restaurants that offer delicious meals additionally, there are also various charming cafes that are perfect for hanging out with your friends.

The best attractions near Liberty Square Budapest

Liberty Square Budapest is cornered by some of the most attractive tourist destinations in Budapest that visitors have the chance to check out after an amusing evening at the square such as Szechenyi Chain Bridge Budapest which is 1.21 KM away, as well as the Hungarian Parliament Building Budapest, which is 682 M away

Top nearby hotels to Liberty Square Budapest

Prestige Hotel Budapest is one of the best Budapest hotels which is 514 M away, and one of the best 4-star hotels in Budapest.

Hotel President Budapest is one of the top Budapest hotels which is 1.55 KM away, and one of the best 4-star hotels in Budapest.

Liberty Square Budapest location on the map

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