Top 8 things to do in Lake Beratan Bali

If we want to describe the best things to do in Bali , be certain that we are not exaggerating if we affirm that it is one of the most enjoyable experiences one could ever do as the city has plenty of things to do with your family. One example of a beautiful place we highly recommend you visit is Lake Beratan which is a natural lake. It is one of the most gorgeous lakes in Bali and one of the best Lakes in Indonesia , so never be unsure.

If you are looking for something special to do, we are here in this article to guide you through what the romantic things to do in Bali might be. Many activities will be shown in this article, so let’s have a look, then the choice is all yours in the end.

What you will admire about this lake is that it is surrounded by nature and peaceful views. some mountains surround the lake like Kator Mountain which is a fantastic view you would love.

Lake Beratan Bali
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Best activities to do in Lake Beratan Bali

If you plan to enjoy this journey, go and have a walk with yourself or with your loved ones around the lake to see the fabulous nature! also, there is a Corniche you will enjoy walking beside.

If you need to have a breath, just sit down in front of Beratan Lake Bali, and stare at the natural landmarks surrounding you! It would be extremely interesting to have a snack while looking all around.

In fact, Beratan Lake Bali is considered to be a good home for birds. Thus, you will enjoy seeing different kinds of birds like Duck and Goose which are all available there doubling the beauty and the warm the place has. 

Lake Beratan
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There are many other things you can enjoy doing at the lake. Can you guess what? There are some shops there from which you can buy whatever you love. Moreover, there are some snack stalls if you feel hungry.

While visiting Lake Beratan, try to participate in the available activities that you will undoubtedly embrace! if you love to be on your own, a small boat rental is available there. there is a pedal boat rental where you can enjoy leading your trip on your own.

You can explore more and more of the unseen beauty of nature behind the lake by walking on the paths that are specially established for this purpose. Experiencing the walking sport is of excellent value within this cool atmosphere. In addition, you can rent one of the bicycles available there and enjoy riding it beside the lake.

Lake Beratan
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Besides enjoying the natural beauty the lake provides, there are some entertainment options that are all made clear for you. For instance, there is a park near Lake Beratan which is covered with green spaces you will love breathing the fresh air there. Moreover, A playground is created for children if you want to entertain them in a safe enjoying environment. And for more adventures, there are some special adventurous games you will love to go through. Besides, there is a whole amusement park where there are some options you can excitingly do.

The beauty of nature will attract you, and that will encourage you to consider camping and putting your tent there

Lake Beratan
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Services and Restaurants

You don’t have to be concerned about getting hungry or even thinking about having something to drink, since there are many restaurants and cafes close to Lake Beratan where you may spend some quality time.

You can find everything you might need close to the lake since there is a mosque, a car park, and public toilets.

Attractions near Lake Beratan

Lake Beratan is cornered by some of the tourist destinations in Bali that tourists are able to stop by such as Kebun Raya Park Bali that’s 2.61 KM away.

Lake Beratan Bali location on the map

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