Top 3 Things to Do at Kellogg Park San Diego

We suppose that on the weekend you will think of things to do in San Diego with family or companions. One of them is to visit Kellogg Park in San Diego, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, to spend a great time having fun with your children or even grandchildren.

Visiting this park is one of the best things to do in San Diego to spend an interesting day with your companions because it has wide green spaces which have been enhanced to become one of the best San Diego parks .

Kellogg Park San Diego
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Things to do in Kellogg Park San Diego

Perhaps wandering in public parks is one of the most important activities that you would like to do with your family or friends. When you visit Kellogg Park to spend a wonderful day, you will relish every single moment of your trip which includes, watching the views of many leafy trees and enjoying all those extensive green spaces, as well as a big number of seating places.

Kellogg Park San Diego
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One of the numerous reasons that make Kellogg Park in San Diego so exceptional is its marvelous views of the Pacific Ocean which are truly magnificent.

Kellogg Park San Diego
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Following that, you’ll be delighted to know that this park offers you a wonderful chance to practice walking, running, and jogging in such an appealing place on the designated walk paths.

Kellogg Park San Diego
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Opening hours

Every day 04:00 – 22:00

Entrance Fee

Free entry

Hotels near Kellogg Park

Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa San Diego is one of the best San Diego hotels which is 9.57 KM away, and one of the most excellent 4-star hotels in San Diego that offers a high quality of services and facilities to go along with an ideal location.

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Hyatt Regency La Jolla At Aventine Hotel San Diego is one of the best hotels in San Diego that’s near the park with a distance of 4.89 KM which is also famous for its amazing site as well as for providing outstanding services. It should also be pointed out that this hotel is recognized as one of the top 4-star hotels in San Diego and has high reviews from previous visitors.

Kellogg Park San Diego location on the map

  • 1
    Where is Kellogg Park San Diego located?
    You can view the location of Kellogg Park San Diego on Google Maps, in addition to a lot of information about it in this report.
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    What are the entry prices for Kellogg Park?

    Free entry

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    What are the working hours of Kellogg Park?
    Daily: 04:00 – 22:00

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