Top 8 things to do in JBR Beach Dubai

If you ever find yourself wondering about the best things to do in Dubai ? Then let us introduce you to one of the best romantic places in Dubai, which is JBR Beach. Dubai extends over a distance of 1.7 km, where you can enjoy calm moments and experience an enjoyable journey at this beach in Dubai Marina, which is famous for its clear sea waters that will absolutely amaze you.

This Arabian Gulf beach has gained a vast reputation for being one of the best beaches in Dubai , where you’ll have the opportunity to check out a number of attractions and activities that will make your day even more wonderful, making this place a remarkably wonderful summer vacation destination.

JBR Beach Dubai
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Best Activities Available in JBR Beach Dubai

It’s a good decision to take a quiet stroll around JBR Beach in Dubai to witness the amazing bucolic scenes. Don’t forget to stop at one of the park benches and relax while you soak up the atmosphere. You won’t regret it!

JBR Beach Dubai
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Are you ready for our advice for your next adventure? Head on over to the beach where you can experience the beauty of ocean waves. Feel the wonderful, refreshing air on your body and if you so wish, go for a swim in its glassy waters.

Once you’ve had your swim, take some time to relax and absorb the sun while lying on the cozy sun-loungers at JBR Beach in Dubai. These are accompanied by a selection of beach umbrellas to provide you with extra shade.

And if you love to exercise while watching the enchanting views of the sea there are special walk paths dedicated to walking, jogging, and running.

JBR Beach Dubai
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Your visit to this beach is still in its early stages because there’s a lot more left to discover, so come along with us now as we talk about an entertaining activity that you’ll be able to try out which is the opportunity to play beach volleyball.

JBR Beach Dubai
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While you take a journey with us to the beach, we’ll share with you a selection of amusing water sports and activities that you can attend here like the banana boat rides and jet ski rides.

Our trip to JBR Beach in Dubai is far from being done because in addition to all of the different attractions that we previously mentioned there’s still plenty more to see. In this following corner, you’ll be able to find an amusement park that has a collection of delightful rides and there’s also a beach cinema where you have the chance to enjoy a movie in such a charming place.

After enjoying a fun time at the beach, we suggest you next to pass through the area that’s filled with various shops like snack stalls and wonderful gift shops where you’ll be able to purchase a collection of great souvenirs and gifts.

JBR Beach in Dubai
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Services and Restaurants

JBR Beach contains a variety of restaurants where guests are able to have a meal while admiring the views of the beach; additionally, you’ll also be able to spend a great time in the cafes available.

You can find a number of different facilities and services on this beach such as bathing booths, parking, public toilets, and free Wi-Fi.

Opening Hours

Always open

JBR Beach Entrance Fee

Free entry
Children under 5 years are free

The Nearby Attractions of JBR Beach Dubai

What makes this beach so special is that it’s close to some of the most captivating tourist destinations in Dubai that tourists can check out after spending a memorable time at the beach, such as Dubai Marina Walk Street , which is 400 meters away, and Flying Cup Amusement Park Ride Dubai, which is 234 meters away.

The Nearby Hotels of JBR Beach Dubai

Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of the top Dubai hotels, located 711 meters away, and one of the best 5-star hotels in Dubai that provides a high level of services and facilities with a perfect spot.

Habtoor Grand Resort Dubai is one of the top Dubai hotels, located next to the beach at a distance of 4.12 kilometers. It should also be noted that this hotel is considered one of the top 5-star hotels in Dubai and has received high reviews from previous visitors.

JBR Beach Dubai Location on the Map

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