Parks are still one of the best things to do in Zurich with family, especially with the presence of Irchel Park Zurich, which started welcoming visitors to become one of the best parks in Zurich, which allows you to obtain many public events.

If you are looking for a fun place to spend an interesting time with your companions, then we are sure one of the best things to do in Zurich is to visit Irchel Park, which has amazing views that are not devoid of all the recreation and pleasure, in addition to the green spaces that help you rest and dangle.

حديقة ارشيل زيورخ _ Irchel Park Zurich

Things to do in Irchel Park Zurich

During your trip to Irchel Park, you will enjoy watching the charming views, such as the lush trees including expanded spaces of grass places that fill its surroundings to offer you a pleasant time along with your family. When you want to take a break after a long day, you can use one of the sitting places that existed everywhere.

حديقة ارشيل في زيورخ _ Irchel Park

After spending some time among the trees and other great things, you will be astonished by the presence of a very beautiful artificial lake that creates a wonderful landscape

حديقة ارشيل _ Irchel Park

No matter your age, it will be great to walk, jog, or even run on the dedicated walking paths in Irchel Park Zurich. What’s more, you can rent a bicycle and take a ride on those long, adequate tracks.

Opening hours

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Attractions near Irchel Park Zurich

The park is cornered by some tourist destinations in Zurich that travelers are able to stop by such as Park Platzspitz Zurich that’s 3.7 KM away, and Zoo Zurich that’s 4.9 KM away.

Hotels near Irchel Park

Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel is one of the finest Zurich hotels which is 3.1 KM away, and one of the most excellent 5-star hotels in Zurich that presents a high quality of services and facilities to go along with an ideal spot.

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Zurich Marriott Hotel is one of the best hotels in Zurich that’s near the park with a distance of 2.02 KM which is also famous for its ideal location as well as for offering great services. it should also be mentioned that this hotel is recognized as one of the major 5-star hotels in Zurich and has high reviews from previous travelers.

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Irchel Park Zurich location on the map

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