The first thing that jumps to mind when we talk about the best things to do in Leeds is to visit the marvelous Harewood House Leeds which truly highlights the significant history of this city and offers guests the chance to explore the various corners of one of the most attractive palaces in Leeds .

Touring this palace is such a unique experience that will take you on a charming journey which feels like stepping into a forgotten page of long lost history which gives this place a huge reputation for being one of the most wonderful landmarks in Leeds .

Harewood House Trust
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The top activities available in Harewood House Leeds

• The ideal method to discover Harewood House Trust is to begin your tour with a quick walk where you’ll get to enjoy watching its excellent architecture.

• And now it’s the perfect time to take an amusing walk throughout this impressive palace that presents you with a golden chance to check out its collection of interesting chambers in an experience that’s definitely worth your time where you’ll be able to enjoy watching royal chambers and maid rooms.

Harewood House
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• After that, you’ll be in for a nice treat because you’ll see the vast reception hall of the palace where various banquets, dinners and celebrations were organized on a regular basis in such an alluring place that possesses wonderful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling producing a mesmerising view, and in addition to that, you’ll also have the opportunity to find beautiful inscriptions and decorations as well.

• Moreover, Harewood House Trust also offers you the opportunity to check out a collection of wonderful pieces of antique furniture from numerous types that gives this place such a wonderful allure and you’ll be able to find items of.

• Continue your visit to the area of the palace that grants you a golden opportunity to appreciate a variety of fascinating art galleries where you’ll be able to find plenty of pieces such as wonderful sculptures and statues and famous paintings.

Harewood House
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• When visiting any palace, you’ll be understandably wondering about the various exhibits that you’ll get to watch inside, and you’ll be glad to know that this place has a section where you’ll have the opportunity to find a variety of interesting exhibits such as antiques .

• And for a change of scenery, you’ll also be able to find a beautiful park around the palace which is a perfect place to spend a relaxing time .

Harewood House
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Harewood House Entry Fee

For adults 19.25 GBP
Prices last update : 2022/10/11
For children 10.45 GBP
Click on the link for more information

Opening hours

Every day 10:00 – 18:00

Attractions nearby Harewood House Trust

The palace is surrounded by some of the most alluring tourist destinations in Leeds that guests have the chance to check out like Harewood Park Leeds that’s 2.1 M away.

Harewood House Leeds location on the map

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