Best 7 Things to See in Grevin Museum Paris

Is it time to take a break? We strongly recommend Grevin Museum Paris, which is considered one of the best museums in Paris . It will allow you to learn more about art, history, and unique sculptures. The museum welcomes its guests and teaches them an artistic art technique called wax carving. Since its foundation in 1882, this place has assumed considerable prominence among Paris museums. It attracts people from diverse backgrounds and all ages. Additionally, young people find enjoyment in the museum, as it is one of the most delightful tourist attractions in Paris for families .

Visiting the museum is one of the best things to do in Paris . You’re probably wondering why. Keep reading to find out more about it and the most exciting activities you can do.

Grevin Museum Paris
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Best things to do in Grevin Museum Paris

The best start would be getting to know the Grevin Museum in Paris by taking an exploratory tour and taking in the unique art of these wax statues of notable figures. This will give you the feeling that they are genuine.

Starting with statues of renowned luminaries from the art world, you can now watch wax figures, such as statues of notable people, and you can also take a look at wax statues of famous actors, actresses, singers, and musicians such as John Lennon, Al Pacino, and Dalida.

Grevin Museum Paris
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The world of sports is full of standout stars that many people, especially sports lovers, would like to see. Grevin Museum in Paris has wax statues of amazing sports stars that seem real. One of the most prominent statues are of the most famous sports stars, including but not limited to Leo Messi, Tony Parker, and Zinedine Zidane.

There are many figures who achieved renown outside of the spheres of art and athletics, and the museum deserved to celebrate them by showing wax figurines that serve as a memorial of their lives, for example wax statues of famous cultural figures, scholars, and thinkers, as well as leaders and historical figures.

Grevin Museum Paris
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More excitement awaits you as you visit the wax statues that the Museum has devoted to well-known personalities in the world of politics. A large number of people would like to see them, and there is no doubt that you are one of them, for example, wax sculptures of notable political figures and wax statues of figures from the ruling family.

Although they aren’t genuine, prominent celebrities are still loved by many people, and the museum has wax statues of these, such as superheroes and famous cartoon characters, visiting this place is one of the most quirky things to do in Paris

After exploring so many diverse wax figures at the museum, there are notable exhibits you should not miss: such as the wax statue of the historical leader Napoleon Bonaparte, the wax statue of the comedian Charlie Chaplin, and the wax statue of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Grevin Museum in Paris
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This museum has a variety of important facilities and infrastructure available to all tourists, including public restrooms and a gift shop.

Entry fee in Grevin Wax Museum Paris

For adults 25 EUR
For children 18 EUR
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Places to visit near Grevin Museum Paris

After you finish your journey at the museum, you might want to check out some beautiful nearby attractions like Grand Rex Concert Venue Paris, which is 0.4 km away, and Passage Jouffroy Mall Paris , which is 20 m away.

The best hotels near Grevin Museum Paris

Hotel Edouard VII Paris is one of the finest and closest Paris hotels, located 1 km away, and one of the most impressive 4-star hotels in Paris. It offers a high level of services and facilities to go along with a perfect location.

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Hotel des Grands Boulevards Paris is one of the most amazing hotels in Paris that you can check out when touring the city. It has a perfect location next to the museum, 0.2 km away, and is deemed one of the finest 4-star hotels in Paris. It offers great services and has positive reviews from previous travelers.

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Grevin Museum Paris location on the map

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    Where is Grevin Museum located?
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    What are the tourist places located near Grevin Museum Paris ?
    There are many nearby tourist attractions, including Grand Rex Concert Venue Paris 0.4 KM and Passage Jouffroy Paris 20 M
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    What are the entry costs for Grevin Museum Paris ?
    You can find out the entry prices and other details in this article

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